Yearly Archives:2012

Some Updates and News!

I have some fairly exciting news/updates to share, so I figured they warranted at least a brief post! First of all –  I finally took the plunge and bought a URL, so you’ll now find the blog at (much easier to type in and remember!). However, all addresses for will automatically redirect to Continue Reading

Web Searches of July

I find it pretty amusing to see what kinds of searches lead to my blog, so here’s sort of a random post to start off the month. Usually things like “bra calculators” or “28H bras” are what generally show up as searches that lead to hits, but there’s also the interesting and varied influx of Continue Reading

On Bras, Posture, and Health

The other day, I was rereading The Butterfly Collection’s great post about posture and correct bra fitting. SO much of this article really hit home for me – “Besides potentially giving you physical pain, bad posture can affect the way your bra fits you (even a correctly sized bra) and consequently, how you feel about Continue Reading

Urkye Review: Francuski Blekit

Have you heard about the company Urkye yet? They’re a small, Polish, “boob friendly” clothing company (much like BiuBiu) that just started up early last month. I made a small order about a week ago and received my package already, so be expecting several clothing review posts to follow! When I was first checking out Continue Reading