Web Searches of July

I find it pretty amusing to see what kinds of searches lead to my blog, so here’s sort of a random post to start off the month. Usually things like “bra calculators” or “28H bras” are what generally show up as searches that lead to hits, but there’s also the interesting and varied influx of questions that I wish I could just straight-up answer and/or address. I also find it interesting to see what people are wondering about bras and bra fit…

So, here’s some examples from over the course of just one week last month:

Questions about sizes and how sizes work:
“is bra size 36B bigger than 34C”
Nope, these are sister sizes. They’ll have the same approximate cup volume as each other, but a bit of a different cup shape and a difference of 2″ or so in the bands (so, in a sense, yes, a 36B is bigger in that it’s bigger in the band than a 34C). If a 34C cup is too small, go up in cup size (to a 34D).

“difference between 30a and 32aa”
These are also sister sizes – same cup volume, different shape and band.

“us 30i bra conversion”
US to UK size conversion chart. A 30I is equal to a 30G in UK sizing. I find it’s much easier to stick with UK sizing (even though I live in the US) simply because there are many more options in UK brands – particularly for smaller bands. In fact, I don’t know of any US companies that make below-30 bands (and very few even make below-32 bands). [My UK 28H/HH would be something like a 28K/L in US sizing – but I guarantee no US brands make that size]

“which has a smaller band size 34b 36b or 36c”
The number in a bra size is the band size (aka approximate ribcage measurement). A 34 band is smaller than a 36 band.
Also – a 34B and a 36C are sister sizes (same approximate cup volume). A 36C is one cup size up from a 36B. A 36B is one band size up from a 34B, but the cup of a 36B will be bigger than a 34B as well (this is what trips a lot of people up!).

“i measure 30 but bra band feels too small”
Assuming the measurement is referring to the ribcage and the person is wearing a 30 band, either the person would want to go up a band size due to a too-tight band, or the cups of the bra are actually too small, causing the bra to feel too tight overall; in this case, the person would need to go up in cup size.

“Im 30 inches in boob size”
If 30″ is the bust measurement, then an underbust measurement is needed to determine the band size (and relative cup size).

“under my bust is 31″ what bra size?”
You’ll need a bust measurement, too, in order to get a bra size. Someone with a 31″ ribcage will usually feel most comfortable in a 32 or 30 band.

“can a too-small bra squish your ribcage”
If your bra is too small, it’ll feel uncomfortable and constricting, yes. But more often too-small bras will squish boobage and just feel too tight on the ribcage because of that.

A lot of fitting problems:
“spillage on top of bra”
“the band on my bra is loose”
“bra fitting center gore not flat”
“bra fit problem band pulls away”
“breast spilling out the side of bra”
“why does my underwire keep slipping below my breasts”
“gore sits away from my body”

All of these are pretty common problems – fortunately there are solutions!

Fitting and shopping questions…

“bras without a band”

? (honestly, I’m not sure how these things work… do they make your boobs float?)

“why bra fittings don’t work”
It’s a sad fact that the majority of places (in the US, at least) don’t correctly fit most women for bras. Nordstrom and small boutiques usually are your best bet, or you could save yourself the trouble and just measure yourself at home.

“according to im a 34d but the cups are too…”
[too small? too large? the link cuts off so I can’t see D:] Unfortunately, the sizing advice on is going to be off for most women as they add around 3 inches to underbust measurement. With my underbust measurement of approximately 27″ they would put me in a 30 band (which is definitely too loose for me), and if I didn’t take a tight measurement, I would measure myself at 28″ and think I needed a 32 band!
If you’re measuring something like 31″ underbust and 38″ overbust, Heroom would put you in a 34D while your actual size is going to be more along the lines of a 30E (the sister size of a 34D, but you’ll be able to get a much better idea of how the cups are fitting if the band is right).

“where to buy 32 band bra”
In the US, Nordstrom carries 32 bands, and several other larger department stores should, too (Dillards, etc). But you may want to look at a list of online stores if you’re finding it too difficult to find your correct size.

“the only bras that fit me are too expensive”
Allow me to introduce you to Brastop! 😀

“none of my bras fit i’m too small”
You’re most probably wearing a band that is too large for you, so the entire bra seems too big. Try measuring yourself!

“does victorias secret tell everyone theyre a d cup”
Ha. No. They do incorrectly size the majority of women, though.

“victorias secret bands are too big”
There is life beyond Vicky’s! You’re most probably a 28 or 30 band – check out some online stores.

And then, just some random ones…
“katie forced not to wear a bra”
“big stretched boobs” 
“34c boobs video”

…Yeah, definitely going to find what you’re looking for here. 😛

Other bra bloggers – do you get similar random searches? Or do you tend to get the same type over and over?
What led you to first discover bra blogs (web searches, another website)? I find all this quite interesting 😀

If anyone has any bra-related questions like those above – I’d be happy to help answer them!