Urkye Review: Groszki Latte and Kontrast w fuksji

We’re down to the final two items in my recent Urkye order! This time, I have some comparisons for you. New blogger Muscular Hourglass and I recently discovered that we have very similar measurements, and thus will generally wear very similar clothing sizes. M.H. had made an Urkye order just before I did, and I based some of the sizes I ordered off of her experiences. Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to show comparisons of how the same or similar sizes worked on both of us.

Some information for comparison:
M.H. is 5’3 with a waist measurement of about 28″ and a bust measurement of about 38″, a hip measurement of 38″ and an “upper hip” measurement in the 33-34″ range. Her underbust measurement is 29″ and she currently can wear a 30G Freya Deco bra on the tightest hook.

I am 5’4 with a waist measurement of about 27-28″ and a bust measurement of about 37″, a hip measurement of about 36-37″ and an “upper hip” measurement in the 33-34″ range. My underbust measures about 27″ and I currently can wear a 30GG Freya Deco bra with the band altered way down (usual bra size 28H/HH).

M.H. would describe her body type as having a torso on the shorter side of average, short-waisted, narrow but muscular shoulders, and fairly high hip bones. Her upper arms are a bit larger than most women’s due to weight training, and her arms are shorter relative to her torso. She feels she is more sharply curved due to a fairly pronounced bottom. She considers herself an hourglass figure.

I would describe my body type as having a short torso and waist, wide-shouldered, and high-hipped. I have a sharp rather than smooth curve to my back, but it’s my lower hips that are pronounced rather than my actual bum. My measurements indicate that I’m an hourglass figure, but I feel that I look more “triangular”.

With that said, the first shirt we both tried is the Kontrast in fuchsia in a size 36ooo. (This is actually the exact same shirt on both of us; M.H. decided that she didn’t care too much for the look the poofy sleeves gave her, so I decided to buy it from her and give it a go.)

M.H. in 36ooo Kontrast
Me in the 36ooo Kontrast

You can see from the above pictures that, although M.H. and I have very similar measurements and even would describe our body types in very similar ways, the exact same shirt looks fairly different on us! Just from what the pictures show, I think you can see that M.H. has more prominent hips, I have a more prominent bust, and M.H’s back has a somewhat lower curve than mine. I’ll leave it to those who are more knowledgeable about body types and clothing to draw other conclusions about waist length, etc! [also, note that in neither picture is the shirt ironed, so it has some creases that it wouldn’t have if properly pressed]

Comparisons aside, I was a little unsure about this shirt at first. The color is bold and the sleeves are poofy, and I’m generally not one for either! However, after a little while of wearing it around, I found that the sleeves “de-poofed” a bit (my pushing them down probably helped) and thus looked less Munchkin-of-Oz on me. I also made sure to leave the top several buttons undone to help maintain a v-neck look.

I also thought at first that the shirt felt too short, but then I realized that this was because all of the button-down shirts I currently have (not many) are VERY long on me (as in, past my butt) since I have to get them in a very large size just so I can button them over my bust! The Kontrast is actually what a shirt length should be on me. And I don’t have to strain at all to button it up! And it’s actually flattering! After getting used to what it’s like to wear a proper button-down shirt for what might be the very first time in my life, I think I’m starting to fall in love a little bit… or maybe even a lot.

It *is* long enough! Woohoo!

The second shirt we both tried was the Groszki in latte. In this case, M.H. had said that the 36oo/ooo was a little large on her, so I decided to go for the next size down, 36o/oo.

M.H. in the 36oo/ooo Groszki
Me in the 36o/oo Groszki

It seems that both sizes could probably have worked for either of us; I felt that the o/oo was perhaps just a touch too small (but certainly wearable), and M.H. felt the oo/ooo was a little big (but still wearable). It just depends on how close-fitting you want the shirt to be!

A comparison of the back of the shirt on both of us:

Left – M.H. in 36oo/ooo; Right – Me in 36o/oo

You can also see that I don’t get the same back wrinkles in the Groszki that I got with the Francuski shirt and the Kieska dress. The fabric here is much thinner than either of those two pieces, and feels light, smooth, and very comfortable. I could wear it all day every day if I wasn’t afraid of spilling things on it! I feel like I want to own this shirt in every color of the rainbow, it’s seriously that comfortable. (It comes in black, too, but I currently have a self-imposed ban of buying black clothing, as about 3/4 of my wardrobe is black right now :P)

I did feel that the v-neck hit sort of a strange point, but it might just be a style issue that I’m not used to. The fabric of the v-neck sits snug against the skin and sits a little higher than where the top of the bra cup ends. It leads me to conclude that this isn’t really a “cleavagey” v-neck, which is a good thing as usually I have to layer v-necks to remain halfway decent. :B


So, a brief conclusion: My experience so far with Urkye has been very good. The clothing is well-constructed, comfortable, and of course well-fitting! It’s even made me learn several things about my body type and how clothes should fit. Realizing that I’ve never really had clothing that fits really well has made me want to re-vamp my whole (mostly ill-fitting) wardrobe! I’m looking forward to making more orders in the near future, and hopefully reading more reviews as more bloggers get a chance to try them out.

Comments? Questions? Insight? I’d love to hear what you think about Urkye, bust-friendly clothing, different/similar body types, etc etc 🙂