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Urkye Review: Tuba and Wodnik tops

I’ve been in need of some more casual (yet still nice-looking and well-fitting) tops, and thus decided to place another Urkye order at the beginning of the month. The shirts recently arrived, so it’s time for a few more reviews! First off is the Tuba in grey. Cost: 59zl ($18.66) Material: Cotton/elastine Size: 36oo/ooo Tuba 36oo/ooo (Yes, Continue Reading

50 Things About Boosaurus

(For a brief moment, I though about titling this “50 Shades of Boosaurus” but then my sanity kicked in and went NO.) I don’t often get too personal or veer off the subject of bras/boobs/clothing in this blog, but this 50-questions list has been making rounds in the blogger world after FussyBusty started it off Continue Reading