The best horror series to watch for Halloween

Do you want to get freaked out on Halloween? Take a look at these shows!

It’s Halloween, it’s the party of chills and pumpkins, and it’s the perfect excuse to watch all those horror shows that are on your list and that you haven’t even looked at yet! Whether they are completely twisted, fantastic, terrifying, or all at the same time, here are some series to watch with lights out for maximum anxiety.

The Haunting of Hill House

We’ve only been talking about her. Lately, we have to say that the new Netflix is a hit. The Haunting Of Hill House gives chills with a well-crafted plot, a touching story, and a top-notch direction. In short, what is there to fear but dig it at the same time.

American Horror Story

Every season has its theme; you choose the one that tempts you the most. Witches, an asylum, a horrible clown or a haunted house, American Horror Story has got to be something to give you the shakes!

The X Files

You can never go wrong with the classics, and that’s why there are no bad times (re)watching X-Files. If you listen up, you can even hear her scary little music calling you.

The Terror

In the little anthology made in AMC, it’s more the tension than the images that make you shudder. Yes, invisible monsters are sometimes much more terrifying than the ones you can see, and The Terror plays very well in a tense and mysterious atmosphere. A successful adaptation, between fiction and reality, which will make you travel!

Penny Dreadful

Drawn from the fearsome and inexpensive stories of a bygone London era, Penny Dreadful has everything you need to get your attention and give you goosebumps. Characters are known and surrounded by mysteries, ghosts, supernatural. In short, that’s good.

Black Mirror

The little nugget signed Netflix had proven us with quite a few episodes that have turned our brains around that we can do in the realist and piss off. With its creepy technologies and deviances, Black Mirror has plenty to scare you with.


If you’re interested in the origins of horror stories and you think it’s always a little better if it’s based on real facts, don’t look anymore, it’s Lore you need.

Channel Zero

In the same vein as Lore, Channel Zero is perfect if you like the anthologies and urban legends that circulate on the internet. Each episode has its story, and all with a realization to be chilling in the back. Anyway, perfect for Halloween.

Sabrina’s New Adventures

If you want to scare yourself without too much scaring yourself, it’s The New Adventures Of Sabrina that we advise you to do. Nothing to do with the show that we all discovered when we were teenagers, this time, Netflix proposes a little dark adaptation that takes us into the world of witches.


It’s all in the title. They don’t tell you that the show is as scary as the cult movies, but its little music and its spooky stories are still enough to scare you.

The Walking Dead

Zombies, gory images, dead people, and a lot of action. The Walking Dead may have fallen in quality, but the first seasons are still very enjoyable for those who like to give themselves goose bumps. The tension is high, and you’re going to have a hard time finding zombies that gross.