Freya Deco Delight Review

I’ve been wanting to try out Freya’s updated Deco line for some time, so when GetBras offered to send me a Deco Delight set in the Dove colorway to review, I was super excited! Because the Deco line stops at a GG cup, I chose a 28GG rather than my usual bra size of 28H and banked on the fact that the older Deco line ran generous in the cup. The regular-style panties I picked out were size Small.

It’s been surprisingly hard for me to find a nice grey-colored bra; as someone who tends to get tired of flowery prints, I really appreciated the color here. The little lace, ribbon, and pearl details add a sweet little touch, making the set feel dressed-up and classic without being over-the-top. And the fabric is surprisingly soft!

The matching panties seemed to run a little smaller than the usual Freya Small. This was fine with me since I usually find Freya Smalls a little roomy anyway, but in general, you may want to get a size up from your usual. The style is a bit cheekier than I was expecting, but no complaints from me! I really like the side lace detail.

Details, details <3

The newer-style Deco bras have a seam across the top edge of the cup, unlike the older, classic Decos that were “open” and unseamed. Some may not like this change because it means that the top of the cup can cut into the breast tissue and allows for less wiggle room on sizing (particularly for those with full-on-top breast shapes). However, as someone with a slightly more full-on-bottom shape, I actually prefer this newer seamed, more closed-off top. The cups of the bras themselves also seem shorter and less tall than the old line, making the entire bra seem less bulky.

Due to my shape, the 28GG worked fine for me (a more even to full-on-top 28H might find the 28GG a bit too small). I found it ran about true to size – perhaps a bit generous in the cups, but less so than the old style of Deco (again, this may be mostly a shape issue for me). The band seemed true to size, stretching to just 28″ and having a “firm” feel.

One thing I found is that the cups are really quite stiff. Since my breast tissue is on the slightly softer/bottom-heavy side, I found that I had a little bit of trouble filling out the sides of the cup all the way, partially since my breast tissue was escaping out the side a bit (someone with definitely soft tissue would probably have some trouble with spilling out towards the middle, as well).

However, a great feature of this bra is that it has a J-hook option to convert the straps to racerback, and when the J-hook is used, it pulls back the cups a bit and fixes any gaping for me (it actually sometimes gives me a slight bit of quad boob). If you’re filling out the cups all the way when wearing the bra normally, using the J-hook will likely cause a little overflow (definitely some extra “oomph”). But if you often get a little bit of gaping with stiff, moulded cups like I do, the racerback feature may solve this issue.

What I really like about this set is that it feels so… mainstream. It’s the first multi-way, plunge, moulded bra I’ve ever had, and it feels like something I would grab at a mall store if I fit in their size ranges. It may seem like a little thing, but this goes a long way towards making me feel more “normal” and better about the bra choices currently out there for me. The two hooks (rather than 3+), the sweet little details, the less-bulky feel, and the J-hook option make the Deco Delight a real winner for me. The bra is comfortable enough that I see myself using it as both a daily choice and on special occasions. was great to work with; their shipping was fast and the interactions with the owner and staff very friendly. When the first set I had chosen (the quirky Freya Thimble Cottage) didn’t work out for me, they kindly offered to switch it for the Deco Delight. The U.S.-based site carries some solid choices and a nice range of sizes (although a little limited in the 28-band range, and seemingly a bit limited in stock just due to their being a smaller company). You can find the Deco Delight in Dove and the new Denim on GetBras for $66.