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Hourglass shapes and Curvy women

Fashion-associated terms have always confused me. The media delights in assigning all women into a few specific categories – pear, triangle, apple, hourglass, rectangle – and then telling them what they look good in based on their shape. image from One of the terms in particular has always confused me: “hourglass figure.” Most of Continue Reading

So you want to try Kefir?

Ever heard of Kefir? It’s basically “fermented” or “cultured” milk – think of it as kind of a super-yogurt (another cultured milk product). I started drinking it a couple of weeks ago for the health benefits. I admit I was kind of scared when I was standing in the refrigerated section of the local organic Continue Reading

Bra Roulette

So, you’ve tried everywhere. And not just Vicky’s, Freddie’s, or even Nordie’s – you’ve even gone to the “specialty shops.” Yet, those perfectly-fitting bras remain elusive. What’s a girl to do? Well, lovies, you have three options, depending on your funds: 1. Beg free bras off of friends 2. Scour the internet for cheap bras Continue Reading