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Bra Fitting Resources Roundup

So, you want to figure out your correct bra size – but you’re having a bit of difficulty knowing where to start. Or, you know what your approximate size is, but you want to learn more about sizing, bra care, and styles/brands. Feeling lost? Have no fear! The wonderful world of correctly-fitting bras is at Continue Reading

Nursing and Maternity Bra Blogger Roundup

This week’s roundup is a collection of bra bloggers who’ve blogged about their experiences during pregnancy (posts include nursing/maternity bra and clothing reviews, tips on bra fitting while pregnant and nursing, discussion about body/breast changes, and more!). It can be tough finding good bra-related¬†pregnancy resources if you don’t know where to look, so hopefully this Continue Reading

Larger-Band Bra Blogger Roundup

It’s time for another bra blogger roundup! This time, I’m focusing on bra bloggers who wear and review bras on the higher end of the band spectrum. To start off with, I want to say that the term “larger band”, just like “smaller bust”, is a fairly fluid one. What really makes someone “smaller busted”, Continue Reading

Smaller-Bust Bra Blogger Roundup

Happy February! This month, made-to-measure lingerie is on my mind… so be expecting some related posts in the (hopefully) near future! Today, though, I’m giving some attention to one of the more underrepresented groups of online bloggers – the “smaller busted”. I know “small bust” is a rather relative term, but it tends to be Continue Reading