Urkye Review: Francuski Blekit

Have you heard about the company Urkye yet? They’re a small, Polish, “boob friendly” clothing company (much like BiuBiu) that just started up early last month. I made a small order about a week ago and received my package already, so be expecting several clothing review posts to follow!

When I was first checking out the company, I loved all the clothes that I saw, but was a little bit intimidated by the size chart (as usual for me with online charts). My measurements (93-94cm bust, about 71cm waist) placed me right about in the middle of four sizes (36oo, 38o, 36ooo, and 38oo). I emailed Ula, the owner of Urkye, and received a prompt and VERY helpful response. She advised that my bests fit would probably be about 36oo/ooo in general, and possibly 38o/oo depending on how I liked my clothing to fit and how the fabrics ran. She told me what sizes some of the models were wearing so I could compare. Based on her advice, I ended up ordering three different pieces of clothing, plus buying one shirt new/used from someone. I highly recommend asking Ula if you have any specific questions about ordering or sizing!

The first item up for review is the Francuski Blekit, which I ordered in a 36oo/ooo.

I’m not at all used to having tailored-type clothing (or clothing that fits really well) so I almost felt like this shirt seemed too small at first. But, after wearing it for a bit, I got used to it and now feel like it’s a perfect fit. I’m definitely glad I didn’t order a size smaller, though! The fabric feels thicker and the shirt seems very well-constructed, but it still has a nice firm stretchiness to it. It’s quite amazingly comfy.

You’ll notice that in the picture above (back view), there’s some wrinkling in the middle of the shirt around the narrowest part of my back. This, I found (based on the way other similar things fit and the comments and help of fellow bloggers and friends), is not due to some strange flaw of the shirt, but rather because of my body type. I have a fairly broad back and shoulders, a short waist/torso, and the curves above and below my waist are rather sudden and pronounced. I have a rather high-set “hipline” (for lack of a better term) below my waist, and this sometimes stretches clothing in an odd way.

You can see how suddenly/sharply my back curves in and then out again in the side view here. Because of this, and the fact that I have a pretty short waist, there tends to be that extra fabric that shows up in shirts in that narrowest area of my back. It’s not very bad on this shirt in particular, and it doesn’t really bother me, but it was interesting to learn about myself! Wrinkling in the shirt shouldn’t be a problem for most people, especially if you don’t have a short torso area like me.

(And look – it’s actually long enough! :D)

Overall, I really love this shirt, and I’d definitely order it again – it’s comfortable, well-constructed, and well-fitting! One small annoying thing was the tag on the inside of the shirt on the side – I have sensitive skin and found the tag pretty itchy and annoying, so I’ll probably cut it out sometime. No biggie!