Picture Tutorial: How to take in a loose upper section of a bra [Guest Post]

Redditor MsMandrakeRoot recently posted up this great tutorial on ABraThatFits on how to fix loose lace in the upper portion of bra cups (this definitely happens to me sometimes, as I don’t have the upper fullness to always fill out the top fabric of bras). She agreed to let me post it up here as a guest post (see original imgur album here)! Also, check out her tutorial on shortening a bra band.
Happy altering!

This here is my Freya Latisha. She is lovely, but her lace… oh dear. It gapes, wrinkles, puckers and is generally a mess. Now, the rest of the bra fits great! This tutorial will make the lace smooth and take out a little apex fullness, but it will not change other aspects of the bra! I’m pretty awesome, but I am not a magician.

See here? This is what I’m talking about. Freya, wtf? Who has boobie there?

This is the fullness I’ll be taking out.

Here comes the fun part… To figure out what the hell you are going to change, you have to tuck the excess lace into the bottom cup (the fabric). Seriously, just poke it under there. It’s a lot easier to make sure this alteration is perfect by doing this (and pinning) while the bra is on. I started poking and pinning about 3/4-1″ down from the strap, and ended about 1/2″ from the underwire. You want the fold to taper to nothing at these points.

Start pinning! Pin the fold of lace UNDER the fabric of the lower cup. I found it easiest to stick my thumb under the bra and pinch with my other fingers. PS You will poke your boobies. You will swear. Just a warning.

One side pinned, one side untouched.

Both sides pinned.

Close up of the pinning. See how flat the lace lays?! Heck yeah.

Dust off your sewing machine and thread that bitch with some strong thread. I’m using 100% polyester thread. This seam takes a bit of abuse from your boobies (especially if they are bigger than mine), so you want it to be strong. No droopy boobies allowed. Start sewing at the point where your fold tapered off. Make sure to backtack at the beginning. Also, try to keep your stitches close to the edge! I’ll show you what happens when you don’t… Grumble.

End your stitching when your presser foot touches the underwire. Backtack that bitch, and clip your threads.

Here is what the inside looks like once the fold is sewn down.

And this is what outside looks like when you don’t stay close to the edge of the lower fabric cup. You get a little flap that sticks out and looks terrible. I stitched back over this really close to the edge to tack that down. Much better.

Both sides done. Looking FINE AS HELL.

We did it! Go have some wine.

Also, round and delicious looking from the side. Seriously, we deserve some wine.