Urkye Review: Tuba and Wodnik tops

I’ve been in need of some more casual (yet still nice-looking and well-fitting) tops, and thus decided to place another Urkye order at the beginning of the month. The shirts recently arrived, so it’s time for a few more reviews!

First off is the Tuba in grey.
Cost: 59zl ($18.66)
Material: Cotton/elastine
Size: 36oo/ooo

Tuba 36oo/ooo

(Yes, it’s been warm enough to wear shorts here!)

This is such a great invention – a sleeveless shirt that completely conceals my bra! The little bands on the shoulder-straps can be adjusted to sit higher or lower for slightly different looks (I just noticed that I have one of them turned the wrong way in the picture… derp).


Side view

The material is stretchy, and I will say that the shirt is fairly clingy; it doesn’t bother me too much, but it may be worth trying a size up (a 38o/oo rather than a 36oo/ooo, for example) if you prefer less cling. I felt that the top had plenty of boob room – I might have even been able to get away with a o/oo – so if you’re worried about being a bit out of the size range in terms of bust measurement, you may find this shirt will still work. I also found the shirt to be long, so it would probably also work well for those of us who are taller and/or have longer torsos. All in all, it’s a great option for warmer weather, and I feel it could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

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The second top I ordered was the Wodnik in black.
Cost: 79zl ($24.99)
Material: Cotton/elastine
Size: 36oo/ooo

Wodnik 36oo/ooo


I generally have a ban on buying any more black clothing (I have too much as it used to be my default!), but this shirt was so interesting that I thought it would be justified. It’s certainly not just another plain black shirt!

Business in the front, party in the back!

This shirt is understated yet interesting, comfy and well-fitting – what more can I say? The material is on the thinner side (certainly thinner than the Francuski Blekit), making it ideal for warmer weather without being so skimpy that you would freeze once the weather got a bit cooler. It’s mostly cotton, which I find more comfortable than many other materials. There’s always the fear that anything cotton will shrink, but I always wash my Urkye purchases in cold/delicate cycles and air dry, so hopefully this won’t be a problem. I also think the shirt could go through a bit of shrinkage and still fit me well.


Side view

As you can see, this shirt is also plenty long enough! Having the top and bottom “pieces” sort of separated by a seam makes the shirt a bit more interesting, as well, although I will say it tends to sort of pucker a bit at the seam in the front at this point. Not sure if it’s an issue with my shirt in particular, or if they’re just all supposed to be like that.

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Stay tuned for the reviews of the other two items I ordered!

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