Urkye Review: Kokarda and Francuski Turkus tops

The final two items of my recent four-item Urkye order included the Kokarda Czerwona and the Francuski Turkus (check out the review of the first part of the order if you haven’t already!).

The third item of the order was the Kokarda in red.

Cost: 75zl ($23.67)
Material: Cotton/elastaine
Size: 36oo/ooo

Kokarda 36oo/ooo

I was a little uncertain about the bust portion at first, but I actually think it works quite well! The “bow gathering” (you can tell I’m not a seamstress) adds interest without adding bulk or too much attention, and I think it gives a really cute look.

Back view

The Kokarda does seem to be shorter in length than the other shirts in this order – not too short, but anyone who is quite tall or has a long torso may want to take this into account. I suppose I would categorize the other shirts as “on the long side for me” and this one as “normal”. The sleeves also poke out rather roguishly on this shirt (Husband’s reaction: “You have little wings!”) – I think it’s cute, just a bit different.

I was worried about the neckline being too wide – I have fairly wide shoulders, but they also slope, so I was afraid that the sleeves just wouldn’t stay up or would constantly expose my bra straps (I thought the problem might be exacerbated in the long-sleeved version of this shirt, the Dzwonek, which is why I decided to start with the short sleeved version). Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. This shirt may be very slightly more prone to let a bra strap peek through if not adjusted correctly, but definitely not enough to be an issue for me.

Side view

The material is stretchy and not too clingy, and I think this color is cheery and just perfect for the Holiday season (although probably a bit chilly with the short sleeves!).

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The fourth and final item of my order was the Francuski shirt in turquoise.
Cost: 69zl ($21.78)
Material: Viscose/polyester
Size: 36oo/ooo

I have this same shirt (same size) in navy blue and have reviewed it previously (see post on the Francuski Blekit), so I don’t have much new to say here. The Francuski Blekit became one of my favorite shirts, so I just had to order this other color!

The one big thing I’ll note is that the sizing for the Turkus color vs. the Blekit color is fairly different. The Francuski Blekit was quite form-fitting on me, almost to the point of being a bit small (and I think it’s shrunk a tad with washing and wear). Based on this, I thought of trying out a size 38 in the Turkus. However, Ula (the very helpful owner of Urkye) advised me to just get my usual size, as the Turkus ran looser than the Blekit – and she was right!

Overall, the Turkus color seems to have a tad thinner material, and definitely has a little more stretch/give, and it’s much roomier than the Blekit color. I would almost say it’s a bit too roomy in the top/shoulder portion in comparison with the other shirts, but if it shrinks a tiny bit as the Blekit did, it should be perfect. It’s very comfy, and I see myself wearing it a lot. If you found the Francuski Blekit to be too small for you, or you want to try the Francuski shirt but are concerned about being a bit outside of the given size chart, I would definitely give the Francuski Turkus a go.

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Urkye also has a long-sleeved version of this shirt.

So, bottom line after my most recent order? Overall, everything I chose was a success, and I feel I’ve firmly settled on what my usual size is. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of online shopping, Urkye may be a great place to start – their well-fitting clothes, great customer service, and very reasonable prices (especially if you’re watching sales!) make them well worth a try!