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The Lingerie Games: Okami

The idea behind The Lingerie Games series began in a recent twitter conversation between Kurvendiskussionen, Undie Gamer, Under the Unders, and Pixel Pants Play. What pieces of lingerie could be associated with our favorite video games, they wondered? Thus The Lingerie Games blog series was born! They were on board with me jumping in, so Continue Reading

Ask, Don’t Tell

Today, I came across a comic that really hit home for me: (Image from InkMurder on tumblr) (Image from InkMurder on tumblr) This jumped out at me because I’ve been there. Personally, I tend to lose weight when I’m experiencing stress and anxiety. This isn’t healthy for me. However, I’ve had people tell me how Continue Reading

On Body Hair and Body Acceptance

I recently had a group conversation online about body hair. It started out the way these conversations usually go – someone admits to having a problem with “excess hair”, others gradually start to chime in, and by the end of it everyone’s saying “I thought I was the only one!” This isn’t always the scenario. Continue Reading