Tuesday, September 17, 2013

G+ Babydolls? Yes, Please!

If you've been keeping up with various brand overviews, you might be aware that several brands are just coming out with babydolls for the G+ cup size range. This is super exciting news - I've always been rather jealous of all the cute babydoll options that mainstream stores stocked that I could never wear. Now, finally, there are options coming available for a much wider size range.

The upcoming babydolls are all generally based off of a popular bra cut that the various companies already have, and nearly all of them are available in just black - both of which are probably "safe" moves by the brands to "test out the waters" and see how babydolls do in terms of sales. Still, this is a really great start, and hopefully more colors and other variations will follow in the future!

Cleo Marcie Babydoll

Sizes: 28-38 D-J
Available: September 2013

Cleo's offering is a cute, fun take (I'm totally digging the polka dots). Other brands may have more "sophisticated" or elegant looking pieces, but I think the Marcie looks like it will appeal especially to a younger crowd. I don't know if the Marcie bra works for my shape, but I can't wait to see reviews on this one!
You can currently find the Marcie Babydoll for sale on Figleaves.

Parfait by Affinitas Alexis Babydoll
Sizes: 30-40 D-K (also available in Ivory)
Available: September 2013
Find now on Beautyfull Bras

I was able to see this lovely little number in person at Curve, and I'm jealous that the expanded range doesn't include my size! Check out a review of the Alexis Babydoll in 30K on Bras and Body Image, and in 34HH from The Full Figured Chest.

Elomi Izzy Humming Bird Babydoll

Sizes: 34 G-H, 36-42 E-H
Available: November 2013

Izzy is set to join Elomi's previous black Betty Babydoll (sold here and here) as a lovely, fun addition to the collection. Also, keep an eye out in the beginning of 2014 for the upcoming Maria Babydoll (shown in The Lingerie Lesbian's Curve roundup)!

Curvy Kate Lola Babydoll

Sizes: 28-40 D-K
Available: October 2013

The Lola looks like it'll be based off the Daily Boost bra in terms of sizing. The non-sheer, moulded, patterned cups on this babydoll make it stand out from some of the other offerings. Curvy Kate also has another babydoll, the Ritzy, set for January 2014 release, as well as the Lola in Ivory.
See CurvyWordy's review of the Lola in 32K for more detail!

And this just in!
Ewa Michalak Babydoll

Not yet sure of the availability or size range on this one yet (although I'm guessing it'll be available up to a K cup and 28 band at least by custom order), but isn't it gorgeous? Keep an eye out on the Ewa Michalak Facebook page for updates! (See another photo of it here)

What do you think of these new pieces - or of babydolls in general? Do you - or would you - ever wear them?


  1. The only one I'm looking forward to is the EM one. They give me the absolute best shape and offer my size as well. Definitely looking forward to having money and am getting ready to purchase one. I've never had a babydoll that wasn't bought cheaply with a poor design that was no real help keeping myself in check.

    Thanks for doing a roundup, I was kind of getting lost with all the babydolls coming out at once. What a trend!

  2. Not part of the younger crowd and not a huge fan of babydolls in general, but for some reason, I really want to try the Marcie!

  3. The Marcie is one of my favourite bras but they never bring it out in black. I think I'll buy the Marcie babydoll and cut the bottom bit off!.

  4. 10 years ago I would have jumped at buying some of these, because I was sad about being sized out of lingerie-sleepwear (although I always liked chemises a lot more than babydolls). Now, however, it seems like a lot of money to spend on something I would rarely use. So I can appreciate how they look, but I can't see any reason to buy them, even on sale.

  5. I would have liked the Marcie, if it wasn't completely split open in the back. That was a downer, as I really do love the bra. EM's babydoll also looks adorable, as the the rest, they look too much like a bra with a bit of fabric attached. Probably Marcie one looks like that too. I wish someone came up with a babydoll that is more like a little nighty dress and less like a bra+fabric, and which would still provide the shape and support of the pieces above.

  6. I do like fancy detailing but it would be nice if one of the full-bust companies came out with a babydoll or three that could act as a slip also.