Urkye Review: Twister shirt

For the third item of my most recent Urkye order, I decided to get something a bit more casual and went for the recently-released Twister shirt in morski (sea).

List Price: 75zl ($23.03)
Material: 92% cotton, 8% elastane
Size: 36oo/ooo

Twister 36oo/ooo


It was a little hard to get the color of the shirt to show up in pictures – the real color is a tad lighter/brighter than is shown. Very bright and cheerful! The twist embellishment in the back is a fun and interesting touch.


Although the shape is somewhat similar, the material of the Twister is thinner and stretchier than the older Francuski shirts, which is a good thing for the upcoming summer months. Sizewise, I found that the shirt seemed to run a little big, so those who are on the outer edges (or even outside) of Urkye’s size chart may still find that this shirt works well for them. You can also see that the shirt is more than long enough for me, so those who are taller and/or have longer torsos should be safe with this shirt.
Overall, I was quite sad to hear that the Francuski shirts (my favorite from Urkye so far) won’t be restocked, but the Twister is another solid offering (coming also in red, beige, and black) and a great Spring shirt. Let’s Twist! 😉 (couldn’t resist)