Announcing the [Expanded] Bra Band Project Website!

Yup, you read right! The Bra Band Project, formerly just a Flickr album that showed examples of women who wear bra sizes in 24-30 bands, is now a full-on website, where users of all band sizes can submit their own properly-fitted photos! The hope is to create/expand a resource that shows examples of what correctly-fitted bra sizes actually look like in “real life”.

On this new site, users are now able to:
-Search for examples of bra sizes by band and/or cup size
-Include “show sister sizes” when searching for a specific size
-Login using an existing account (google, wordpress, etc)
-Submit own photo(s) directly through the site
-Search through various resources (including bra stores)

Keep in mind that the site is newly-launched, and thus it’s very much in the “beginning stages”. We definitely plan to tweak/improve/work on the site as a whole over the next while (improvements to layout, etc). Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated! What would you like to see on the site?

Also, you’ll notice that the sizes that are currently up are fairly limited; they’re mostly ones that have been pulled over from the old Flickr album (that is, 24-30 bands). So, we need your submissions! (pictures are completely anonymous, and can either be of you clothes or in a bra) This resource is only as good as the submissions it gets!