Smaller-Bust Bra Blogger Roundup

Happy February! This month, made-to-measure lingerie is on my mind… so be expecting some related posts in the (hopefully) near future! Today, though, I’m giving some attention to one of the more underrepresented groups of online bloggers – the “smaller busted”.

I know “small bust” is a rather relative term, but it tends to be difficult finding blogs that cater to, say, sub E or F cups (of any band size). And from my experience, women who wear “small sized bras” sometimes express that they feel like having bras and pretty lingerie that fits isn’t as important for them – or that it’s impossible for them to find anything that works. This is simply not true! Having lovely lingerie options, bras that fit well, and resources to draw from are important things for every bust size.

With that in mind, here’s a list of those that I know of in the blogging community that are in the loosely-defined “smaller bust” category. If you know of any others, I’d love to hear about them – the more resources, the merrier!

The lovely Denocte blogs in both German and English (click on the UK flags to see the English versions of her posts). She’s also quite a talented seamstress, and has made her own bras, costumes, etc! She generally wears and reviews bras in the 32B, 28D/DD, and 30C/D range (depending on brand and style).

OnlyHer Tabasco Bra, 30D – image from and reviewed by Kurvendiskussionen

Eternal Voyageur of VenusianGlow is one knowledgeable lady! Her lovely blog is full of natural beauty tips, wonderful bra fitting advice, bra reviews, and more! She usually wears a 28DD, and her bra reviews are always detailed and thoughtful.

Masquerade Lula Ma, 28DD – image from and reviewed by VenusianGlow

Seins du Sphinx 
Galactica is a relatively new blogger who blogs in French (GoogleTranslate is helpful!). She’s still figuring out her size, but it looks as though she’s generally in the 28F/30E or so range. Her passion for finding the right fit and her honesty about her own struggles to find a perfect fit is very refreshing!

Image and Center Gore Tutorial from Seins du Sphinx

The Lingerie Lesbian
Caro is a somewhat newer lingerie blogger, but oh, my, does she have a lovely blog! Not only can this talented lady make her own lingerie(!), she’s very knowledgeable about lots of lovely, smaller-bust and smaller-name brands, and she provides thoughtful reviews of lingerie (not just limited to bras!) as well as her opinions on various lingerie-related issues. She wears in the 34A/B range.

Image from The Lingerie Lesbian – and bra *made* by her!

Amanda (along with other reviewers) focuses on reviewing bras and brands that cater specifically to the “small bust” market, and has a real passion for helping women in the small-bust range find lingerie that they love! She currently wears a 32B.

Image and Kaori’s Closet review from 32AAbra

“What you’ll find on this blog is empathy with the quest of the small-busted woman to find lingerie and clothes to fit her frame.” Catherine blogs about smaller-bust issues, reviews, and overall provides a great place for smaller-busted ladies to discuss and share. She generally wears a 32AA.

Atlantis Jerry Bra image and review from 32AAbra

Small Cup
“Oaza niewielkich biustow/An Oasis for Small Busts”. This is a blog that I *just* discovered, but I felt it worth mentioning! It’s written in Polish (Google Translate saves the day again!) and goes quite far back in date (2009) – I feel a little silly for not giving it a read before now! It looks like the current main author wears the 32D range, and there are quite a lot of nice, detailed reviews for bras that come in the small-bust range.

Ewa Michalak Coquette bra, 32DD – image and review by Small Cup

Of Lambs and Lace

Again, a fairly new blog (and a newly-discovered blog for me) – but I had just had to include her! Lamb’s blog is so cute, and she has a good number of lovely bra reviews up. She recently got fitted from a 32A to a 30C, so her reviews are all within that range.

B.tempted Bra, 30C – image from and review by Of Lambs and Lace

Various informative posts geared towards smaller busts:

VenusianGlow shares a great list of where to buy very small cups + very small bands, as well as some thoughts on fitting that are well worth reading

Invest in Your Chest just posted a review of several The Little Bra Company bras (her reviewer was refitted by her from a 34AA/32A to a 30C)

Shallow Breasts with a Broad Base – a great post by Venusian Glow on a common breast shape for smaller-busted women, with some bra suggestions

Small Bust Bras: An Interview with By Baby’s Rules & 32AABra (part 1) and (part 2) on The Lingerie Addict – great thoughts about the issues that smaller-busted women face in regards to fitting, the lingerie industry, and more

Denocte has a great 3-part series on Bras for Smaller Busts

Joyce, a “Bra Fan Forever”, is refitted from a 34A to 28D and describes her fitting experience from Linda’s

Why Changing Bra Sizes Means Something More than a Number from The Lingerie Lesbian – “I’d like to stop critiquing parts of my body like there is anything wrong with the way I am. There isn’t. I’d love it if you all would give it a try too– and the second you hear yourself saying that some size is “too big” or “too small”, check yourself, whether talking about yourself or others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, no matter what you think of your shape. I promise.”

ByBaby’sRules shares her experiences of being very small-chested growing up, and how/why properly-fitting bras were still very much needed

It Finally Makes Sense – a short post by Curves Uncovered describing some common frustrations that many smaller-busted women face in regards to poor measuring guides

Denocte writes a “Fairy Bra Mother” letter to a smaller-busted girl, telling her own story at the same time

SweetNothings shares a list of some lovely/sexy brands that carry options for smaller busts

No Comparisons Needed – guest post by Erica of A Sophisticated Pair on 32AAbra on bra fitting and loving yourself without comparisons.

Bra Fitting for Small Breasts – guest post by VenusianGlow on BraNightmares. Great thoughts here on the perks of a properly fitting bra!

For some examples of women who wear 26-30 A-D bras, check out the “D and Under Cups” section of the Bra Band Project – and feel free to contribute, as well!

Do you have any additional resources that you know of? Any thoughts about smaller-busted issues? Questions that need answering? Do share!