Nursing and Maternity Bra Blogger Roundup

This week’s roundup is a collection of bra bloggers who’ve blogged about their experiences during pregnancy (posts include nursing/maternity bra and clothing reviews, tips on bra fitting while pregnant and nursing, discussion about body/breast changes, and more!). It can be tough finding good bra-related¬†pregnancy resources if you don’t know where to look, so hopefully this will be a helpful list for new moms needing bra-related advice. ūüôā

Stack DD+
Sarah has quite a range of awesome posts on bra fitting for pregnant moms, nursing bra reviews, body changes, clothing reviews, and more! She’s currently on a a blogging maternity leave (babies can keep one busy, I hear), but her pregnancy-related posts start around February 2012 – she’s helpfully posted a¬†roundup of most of her pregnancy-related posts¬†all on one page.

Image and Bravissimo Tank Top Review from StackDD+

By Baby’s Rules
By Baby’s Rules blogs from a more unique perspective as a woman going through pregnancy/nursing with breast implants. Her pregnancy/maternity-related posts start in April 2012. In her posts, she not only takes into account the special considerations that apply to women with implants, but also includes bra reviews, body changes, breastfeeding, and more.

Image and Ahh Bra Review from By Baby’s Rules

Braless in Brasil
June is currently blogging about her pregnancy – her related posts start in November 2012. She has a great mix of bra reviews and thoughts on body/breast changes so far!

Image and Fantasie Kara Bra Review (30J) from Braless  in Brasil


Various informative posts geared towards the bra side of pregnancy/nursing/maternity:

VenusianGlow has a great brief-but-comprehensive post on (Almost) Everything about maternity bras and supporting your breasts during pregnancy and nursing

Guest poster Patricia gives a great series on StackDD+: Top Nursing Bras and Tips for the Already Endowed Mama –¬†part 1,¬†part 2,¬†part 3,¬†part 4

Breast Changes and Care during Pregnancy and Nursing – very detailed and helpful post from VenusianGlow

Guest poster April gives her advice on things to consider when shopping for nursing bras

Venusian Glow challenges readers to Break out of the Maternity Bra Matrix, and discusses some common (and sometimes harmful) Maternity Bra Myths

Rachel and Jess share their tips and experiences in “New Moms and their New Boobs”

DIY: How to transform a regular bra into a nursing bra, from Venusian Glow

Erica of A Sophisticated Pair talks about Nursing Bras: When to Buy Them

What to look for in a Maternity and Nursing Bra, as well as some Brand and Model Recommendations, from VenusianGlow

Georgina of FullerFigureFullerBust hosted a series of guest posts called the Mummy Monologues on her blog, where readers contributed their pregnancy/nursing stories and experiences

Dbusted (Australian, so note that a 12GG = 34GG) posts on her struggles in finding the correct size and getting correctly fitted in store,

Sophia Jenner posts some tank top and fitting suggestions in her post on “What to do about that ever expanding bust?”

Darlene of Hourglassy points full-chested moms to a few good resources, including a nursing bra top review

Although she isn’t pregnant, CurvyWordy has tried out and reviewed several nursing/maternity bras as sleep bras (Royce Jasmine, Emma Jane Maternity)

The fitting guide from Breakout Bras has some good advice on nursing/maternity bras near the end (and great fitting advice throughout!)

Got other resources or bloggers to point out? Have questions about maternity/nursing bras or anything related? Feel free to share!