Blog Contest Entries (part 1)

There were so many awesome entries to the Blog Contest back in September that I felt I just had to share! Here’s a collection of some of the poetry/haiku entries – enjoy! (And don’t forget to take a look at the winning entries, too!)

Jessy B –
Full rounded breasts
Unable to gain air
Squashed in frumpy bras
No one would want to stare

Nightmares of ill-fitting bras
Of cups that filleth over
Jabbing wires in tender flesh
Popping out, overexposure

My 38G’s are dying
To be kept up in style
So I can throw away the plain bras,
Which will truly make me smile

I dream of sexy lace
And immaculate fit
Of polka dots and sleekness
With a plunge that’s legit

I need to be supported
In a tasteful design that I adore
Give me bows and stitching
That can make a man’s jaw drop to the floor ^_*

Jovina M –
A 32G is not all it could be
More often than not they’re in the way
But sometimes I dream, of that bra in between
Comfort, and style, trimmed with lace

This bra, you see, is soft but firm
And it has a little black bow
A dark emerald green, with nary a seam
So your bra is no longer on show

It seems like an awesome deal
And it’s sad but true
This bra isn’t real
And the only one who knows it is you

Amy H –
the strength of 3 small elephants
5ml tears from a GG+ teen
7 wishes for a perkier future
2 yards of soft spun cloud
1 anti-gravity pump
1tsp icing sugar
pinch of hope
dash of luck
sprinkle of blind faith

Mix all together and hope for the best

Kristi N – [second half]
There once was a girl from Paneer
Who traveled so far and so near
For support she was needing
Through sizes she was weeding
So she halved a watermelon for a brassiere

Kachel W –
(I wrote three haikus, one describing bra problems, one describing the perfect fit, and another describing the perfect look.)
underwire digging
snap! there goes another one
cups over floweth

goldilocks brassiere
comfort meets with sexiness
move breathe easily

sheer pink floral lace
venturous décolletage
lusty lingerie

Kjelse R –
smooth and lacy white
snowflakes falling sheer on skin
sexy innocence

red ribbon’d valley
press’d perfect ‘twixt mountaintops
no avalanches

smooth ski slopes made of
comfy convertible straps
bra lodge now open

(I’m not sure if I’m supposed to include a bit of a description why it’s my dream bra, so here’s one just in case:
I’d love a lacy bra that was still smooth under shirts. A tiny bit of red contrasted against a white background reminds me of my winter wedding and honeymoon, and winter is my favorite season, so I’d love a bra themed after it, thus the ski lodge metaphor. There would be no gaping at the sternum (the valley) like almost all my bras have, and my boobs would not spill out of the cups. The straps would be convertible (and if it was a nursing bra, as well, that could convert from padded to no pads, and underwire to no underwire for nursing, that would be even more amazing!).

And this isn’t in the haiku, but it would give me great writing powers so I could write better haiku. And finish a NaNoWriMo novel or two in no time flat.)

Nora –
You lift me up, bra,
My ally, support, comfort,
Confidence granter.