BiuBiu Review: Midnight Infinity Shirt

I got my hands on a gently-used BiuBiu Infinity shirt recently, so it’s time for a quick review!

I was pretty certain that the size of 36BB/BBB would work out for me given my pretty good success with my first order, and my hopes were not dashed.

BiuBiu Infinity 36BB/BBB


BiuBiu Infinity 36BB/BBB

(sorry for the terrible lighting!)

The material (a viscose/spandex blend) is comfy, but fairly clingy, meaning I’ll need to be careful about bra material showing through and what pants I wear. It looked really funky when I tried it on over my too-large pants that I have to wear with a belt:

Behold my amazing sense of fashion!
…so yeah, we’ll be avoiding that.

The top of the shirt sits nice and tight against my skin to prevent any gaping. Even with the “V” being fairly deep, I didn’t feel too exposed.

As with the previous shirts I tried in this size, I still get the feeling that the top part is just a tad small for me; the seam under the bust doesn’t appear to always sit right where it should – instead of being snug against my underbust, it rides up a bit. Maybe I’m just too picky. 😛 Anyway, since there’s no BBB or BBB/BBBB option for the stretchy shirts, I think this would mean trying out a 38B/BB or so if I wanted a little more room, which I may do next time I try a BiuBiu stretchy shirt. The slight snugness doesn’t bother me much, it’s just something to note.

All in all, this shirt is pretty good success! I’m a little more knowledgeable about my BiuBiu size now, so I’ll hopefully be planning another larger site order soon.

Braless in Brasil also reviewed the Infinity shirt (showing examples of several different women/body types who tried it out), so check out her thoughts as well!