Blogger Secret Santa Exchange!

This holiday season, a little group of us U.S.-based lingerie bloggers decided to get a Secret Santa gift exchange together. The only stipulations were that the gift cost up to $10 and that it be handmade – endless possibilities!
My mystery package arrived a couple of days ago in the mail…

(they smell amazing!)

And found I had received these cute jars – one an apple-scented candle, and one filled with apple-scented bath salts! The address on the package clued me in (I tried not to look, but it happened to catch my eye!) that it was the lovely Erica of A Sophisticated Pair who was my mystery Santa. Thanks, Erica! 😀

So far, Nicole of FussyBusty deduced that Claire of Butterfly Collection Lingerie sent her a cute little bra ornament, and Holly of The Full Figured Chest guessed that it was The Lingerie Lesbian who made her a pair of lovely high-waist panties. I’m excited to see the other gifts and guesses, and hoping for perhaps a yearly blogger tradition!

What’s your take on “Secret Santas” and gift exchanges?