Blog Contest PART 2 WINNERS!

Thanks to all who entered the Boosaurus Blog Contest and Giveaway – you guys are amazing! I’m announcing the winners for Part 2 of the contest (the Random Drawing) today so you guys wouldn’t have to wait till the end of the week, but the winners for Part 1 will be announced by sometime this weekend (it’ll take me at least that long to read over all the amazing entries and choose a few winners!).

Without further ado, here are the Part 2 Winners and their responses, chosen through a completely random drawing:

1. A custom garter from Bows Before Hose – Eileen K

2. A free online bra fitting session with Beautiful Bosom – Toodalookatie

3. A signed copy of Elisabeth Dale’s book bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls – Jennifer Evans

4. A signed copy of the comic book Wapsi Square Volume 1 by Paul Taylor – AJ

5. A goody basket from Linda’s Online – Criss

Congrats, ladies!! Be on the lookout for an email from me!

I truly enjoyed reading all of your comments and responses here. For those interested in statistics (like me), here’s a little breakdown of what commenters pegged as “the most difficult item of clothing [besides bras] to find”:

21 of you said shirts (specifically button-up shirts and dress shirts/blouses)
19 of you said dresses (specifically non-stretchy and vintage dresses)
16 of the commenters said pants/trousers (jeans, dress pants, and shorts)
of you said shoes (specifically dress shoes or boots)
4 of you pointed out swimsuits
commenters said skirts (pencil skirts in particular)
2 said panties/briefs
commenter said jackets/blazers
1 commenter said garter belts, and finally,
1 commenter said dance leotards

I found the results quite interesting  – I guess I maybe expected it to skew even more toward tops, but it’s nice to know that others struggle with things like shoes and skirts as well! I threw together a little list of sources that address where to find some of the clothing items mentioned – if anyone else has additional tips or sources to share, please do!

-Bust-Friendly Dresses Roundup
-List of Bust-Friendly Clothing (tops and dresses) from Thin and Curvy
-Suggestions for Fuller Bums (curve-friendly jeans and more) from SweetNothings
-A Hip Situation (several suggestions for finding or altering pants) from Braless in Brasil
-Most of the shops on the Bra Online Shopping List also stock swimsuits, but the sizing is generally a bit more limited.
-In regards to nice-casual shirts and dresses, I consistently recommend Urkye and BiuBiu (see my reviews here)
-Regarding shoes, I have fallen arches and have found that SAS shoes, while not the most stylish footwear in the land, have given me comfort, support, and no pain (hey, sounds familiar!). I also have found flip-flops from Crocs (don’t hate!) to be a comfy necessity for me in hot weather, as I can’t wear regular flat sandals or flip-flops.

Have any suggestions to add? I’d love to hear them! Stay tuned for the announcement of the Part 1 winners in the coming week, and congrats to the winners of Part 2!! 🙂