The Bra Band Project Goes Public!

I’m excited to announce that we’ve released The Bra Band Project on Flickr today!

Check out what the other members of the team (By Baby’s Rules, Braless in Brasil, StackDD+, and Bras I Hate) have to say about the project! We hope that the results are eye-opening, not just to companies, but to women and girls who have never been able to see real-life examples of small bands. We believe the project really helps illustrate that 30 and under bands aren’t just for tiny, “junior” girls, as many stores and even bra companies would have the public believe.

You’ll notice on Flickr that the photos are divided up into three sets – 30 Bands, 28 Bands, and 26 & Under Bands. You also may notice that the sets start at DD+ cups – but if you’re below a DD cup and participated (or want to participate), never fear! We’ve decided to focus on the DD+ (“full-bust”) portion of the project since that’s our area of expertise, but we’ve turned over the under-DD portion to Amanda from 32aabra, so look for a D & Under set in the near future!

Want to contribute to the project? We’d love it if you did! You can read more about it and use the submission form in this post, or you can email your photo and bra size directly to (for DD+ cups) or (for D and under cups).

If you submitted a picture and don’t see it in the Flickr album:
-We may never have gotten an email with your photo in it
-You may have linked us to a photo on a site that doesn’t have public access (i.e. a private Facebook album or a site that requires a login).
-We may not be able to use the picture because it violates a privacy concern (i.e. the photo is of someone under 18 or has another person in it that cannot easily be cropped out), or
-You submitted an under-DD cup photo, which will be released at a later date!

Please feel free to email us again at with your bra size and a valid picture if yours didn’t go through the first time for some reason! (And, as always, feel free to comment or email with any questions!)