Outfit Snapshots: Tops

I’m by no means a fashion expert, a fashionista, or any of those things. My background in clothing growing up was mostly comprised of hand-me-downs and thrift store clothes. But, I figured I’d do a brief post on a few of the things that work for me in regards to clothing (tops, specifically). Keep in mind that a) I don’t have a lot to spend on clothes b) I was never very “good” at fashion and c) It’s very hard for me to find anything that works for me in department stores. But still, I manage to cobble together outfits somehow. If I can do it, surely anyone can!

The below tops make use of combinations of the things that I usually fall back on: waist definition, use of layering, and v-necks. These things all tend to work well for those with larger busts.

(Some stats:  I’m pushing 5’4 (too tall for petite clothing and sometimes too short for regular clothing :P), weigh 126lb and am wearing a 28GG Cleo Poppy bra in these photos.)

Kimono/Waist-tie type shirts
These tend to work really well for me, provided that the band/waist tie sits under my bustline. The stretchy material and the waist tie really work well to prevent any bagging extra material. The v-neck is flattering, but they are pretty low cut, so I need to wear a cami to prevent bra showage/mega cleavage.


And another one

These are “nice” shirts, not really every-day shirts for me.

Belts can be the saving grace for too-large tops. They add waist definition, and I also feel like they can draw more attention towards the waist than the bust.

I had to get this shirt in an XL so it would button over my bust, but this made the shirt much longer than it would normally be (and too loose everywhere except for the bust). The solution? A belt!

This one is obviously a more casual and comfy look, but it’s one that hides/demphasizes the bust somewhat, which I want sometimes. The top buttons won’t button, but leaving them open gives the v-neck/layered look that works well for larger busts. I sometimes wear this shirt with a belt.

(the elephant in the background says hi)


And finally, why I try to move away from T-shirts:

T-shirts are tricky. Sometimes I still like to wear them, but they have to be a)stretchy and fairly form-fitting and b) long enough. Again, v-necks tend to look the best, but they usually necessitate an undershirt.

If I try to wear a “regular” t-shirt that’s not very stretchy or form-fitting, this is what I get:


The tent-effect: too short, drafty, and makes me look larger and heavier than I am. Not a good look for me.

A t-shirt that’s stretchy/form fitting and long enough looks like this:

Better than the first, but sometimes more bust-attention-drawing than I want to be (and people often can’t tell what words across my bust say because they get a bit distorted. It says White and Nerdy. In case you were curious.) The neck is also a little high, which isn’t the greatest look.

What about you? Do you find the need to “modify” clothes so they’ll work for you (with belts, scarves, not buttoning all the way, etc)? Do you have a hard time finding anything that fits right in stores? Can you wear t-shirts?