Lovely Busties: A Bra Blogger List

As you may have noticed, I am a “list” person… I love making lists. You could say it’s a hobby. So here’s my latest list – a listing of a sampling of some of my favorite bra bloggers. They’re all amazing women and do great things. 🙂 Give them a read!

(Note that while I listed an approximate size for these bloggers, size generally varies between brands, and most bloggers have a range of sizes that they wear. For example, I generally say I’m a 28GG, but I’m veering more towards 28H lately, and I would probably ideally wear a 26HH in Freya and 26J in Curvy Kate if those sizes existed in those brands.)

Busts 4 Justice28GG/30G
Blogging powerhouse Beckie campaigns against boob injustice (M&S, Playtex) and advocates Justice for boobs everywhere with up-front bra news, reviews, and bra advice.

Bras I Hate28J
Bras I Hate, an American blogger in the UK, gives no-nonsense bra reviews (especially Bravissimo and Curvy Kate bras), tips on how to modify bras to fit your body better, and lots of bra advice in general!

Braless in Brasil 28HH
Braless in Brasil details her journey though weight loss, changing sizes, and trying to find clothing and bras while living in a “bra desert”.

Bras and Body Image28K/30JJ
Though she just started blogging, Anna already has detailed posts on a BiuBiu purchase and a recent Bravissimo visit, as well as the story of her own bra-journey.

Bra Nightmares38HH/40H
Bra Nightmares not only blogs in both Finnish and English about the struggles of finding “out of the norm” sizes, but is a frequent poster of bra sizing advice and explanations.

By Baby’s Rules26HH/28H
Always candid, continually campaigning for smaller bands/larger cups, and advising other women like herself who have had augmentations, By Baby’s Rules gives thoughtful and detailed bra reviews.

Curvy Kitten28GG/30G
Kelly Parks of Curvy Kate Star in a Bra fame gives us bra reviews, clothing reviews, and entering SIAB advice!

Curvy Wordy 32K/34JJ
Though she sometimes has to resort to trying bras outside of her size range (38HH, for example), she exhibits a never-give-up attitude, openness, and great detail when reviewing bras that I find really refreshing.

The amazing De.nocte has a bra blog where she posts in German (and translates to English), and a passion for helping women find bras that work for them (particularly smaller framed/busted).

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust36HH
The stunning Georgina gives us a plethora of no-holds-barred bra reviews, clothing reviews, store reviews, sizing explanations/advice, and guest posts!

Hourglassy 34FF/G
Darlene from Hourglassy, who has her own line of buttoned shirts for busty women, gives us tailoring/bra/clothing advice, bra news, and lots more!

Invest in your Chest28FF, 30G
Cheryl, along with fellow blogger Becky, offers us this blog chock-full of reviews, collection previews, bra fitting and wearing advice, news, and more!

Miss Underpinnings 28GG/30G
Awesome bra reviews and fashion advice from a bra fitter!

Sophia Jenner 30GG/32G
Not only does the beautiful Sophia give us bra reviews, she posts on a variety of related topics (such as bra sizes in the media and society) as well.

Thin and Curvy26HH
Reviewing bras and clothing, raising awareness and advocating for smaller band sizes, explaining how bra sizes work – Brittany does it all!

Undercover Lingerista28FF
The lovely Kitty gives us bra, swimwear, and clothing reviews, is a 28-band advocate, and doesn’t shy away from trying bras even if they don’t come in her exact size. Thus, she’ll often also review bras in the 30F-FF range as well.

Undressed to Impress26G/GG
Despite being a fairly new blogger, Laura already has a lot of great detailed bra and clothing reviews.

Venusian Glow28DD
EternalVoyageur not only blogs in great detail about the way bras work and how they should fit, but she also has varied posts on fashion, natural health, cosmetics, and beauty!

Do you have trouble finding any bra/fashion bloggers close to your size? If you struggle with finding your bra size and don’t have a blog, have you thought about starting one?