Playtex and bad fitting advice

I must admit: few things get my dander up more than when actual bra companies – the very ones who are trusted to help women find a well-fitting and comfortable bra – give completely misguided bra fitting advice, resulting in thousands of women in ill-fitting bras who have come to think that bras are supposed to be uncomfortable. Just take a look any of the statuses of the Playtex Facebook page and you’ll see dozens of comments from women complaining about the pain that they’re in and the troubles they have with bra-wearing.

Playtex, you are part of the problem. Beckie of Busts4Justice has recently re-started a campaign to get Playtex U.S. to become aware that their methods of adding 5-6 inches (!!!) to underbust measurements to get a band size is completely and totally wrong. Their bra-fitting calculator gives results that are ludicrous at best, telling me, for example, that I am not a 28GG, but a 32D – a size I haven’t been able to wear since I was 12. A size that would barely cover the front of my breasts. A size that would ride up in the band were I able to actually wear it for long enough. In short, a size that is so ill-fitting that it is physically impossible for me to actually wear around, and would cause me a lot of pain if I were attempt to do so.

I emailed Playtex to address this issue, explaining that the calculator gives very off results and telling them what size I actually wear as compared to what the calculator recommended to me. I asked them to reconsider their fitting methods and to consider taking down the calculator.

This was their (non) response:

“Thank you for contacting Playtex Brand.  We are always delighted when Consumers take time out of their schedule to share their comments and welcome the opportunity to address inquiries regarding our products.

We will forward you comments to our appropriate department. We suggest you get a professional bra fitting at a department store. The stores that offer the bra fittings are Kohl’s, Macy’s, Belk and our Outlet stores.”

…What? Not only did they completely ignore my explanation and questions, they snidely tell me to go get a professional bra fitting, perhaps at one of their stores. Their stores do not offer my bra size. Neither do any of the other stores mentioned. The least they could’ve done is directed me somewhere that had a wider range of sizes – Nordstrom or Intimacy, for example.

The response I was given, coupled with the responses received by several other bloggers and the total lack of responsiveness from Playtex through their Facebook page, makes me wonder – does Playtex even care about giving women the right fit? Or are they just out to sell as many bras as possible, even if they’re selling women bras that don’t fit them well? Adding inches to underbust measurement ensures that a much larger portion of women will stay within a 32+ band and a below DDD cup. But this isn’t right.

Here’s hoping that Playtex gets their act together and starts responding to the concerns voiced by so many.