In Bra-related News….

Great news for those of us who may need a band sizes smaller than 28 – it seems to be confirmed through their respective Facebook pages that both Panache and The Big Bra will be offering a 26-band bra in the near future! The Big Bra Bar will be piloting a set in a 26 back in March 2012, and Panache is planning to offer 26 bands in select styles in their Spring 2013 collection. According to Butterfly Collection, Panache plans to offer the 26 bands in at least some Cleo bras.

If you or someone you know needs or wants to try a 26-band bra, be sure to support these two companies as they come out with the new size! They’re certainly taking a risk by offering a bra out of the “usual” market, but I give them a lot of kudos and credit for listening to their customers and offering what so many people have been requesting. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the new sizes!

In other news, Curvy Kate will be offering a moulded bra up to a J-cup in Fall 2012. This is awesome for ladies in bigger cup sizes who struggle to find any kind of padded or moulded bra in their size, although I do hope that they’ll be able to offer up to a K cup like most of their other bras sometime in the future as well.

A few other good bra-related links to check out:
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust recently did a “high street bra fitting challenge” – check it out! I’m always somewhat appalled at how ostensibly “good” bra stores fit (or don’t fit) women (see also my own Victoria’s Secret experiment). Also, check out her post on the lack of smaller band sizes offered in stores and why they’re needed.

Linda’s Unhooked has a helpful post about the importance of budgeting and caring for good bras.

This is a great post from The Butterfly Collection that goes along nicely with my previous post and addresses misconceptions about the fear many women have of being a D+ cup.

Pairing with the above post is this one from Hourglassy, which addresses the issue of younger girls with larger busts and the difficulties they face (something I was quite familiar with).

New bra-review posts coming sometime soon…