Cleo Poppy Bra Review

In September, I got my first “new” bra in a long time – the Cleo Poppy bra (from a Bravissimo store, no less!). I usually steer away from Panache/Cleo bras, so I was surprised that I loved the fit when I tried it on. The shape is great, although I must admit I still slightly prefer the Deco. The Poppy band runs tighter than a Freya, which is good for me since even the 28 bands in Freya are sometimes too loose for me. The cups also seem to run a bit small, so if you fluctuate between two sizes, I would go with the larger one.

I definitely recommend the Poppy bra, especially if you don’t generally wear Cleo bras, you find that Freya bras or other brands are a bit loose in the band for you, you wear a 28GG or H (as these can be particularly hard to find in general; however, it does stop at an H cup), you want to try or you know you like half-cup bras, and/or you want something fun but also comfortable and practical! My only complaint would be that the lace on top doesn’t always lie flat, especially on one side, but that’s fairly minor. The bra is also very comfortable (probably my number one criteria).

I would include a picture of it, but sadly my camera has basically died. Hopefully I’ll be getting a new one in the next month or so, because lack of a camera is really proving to add to my lack of motivation to blog.

In other news, I finally took the plunge and got 13 inches of my hair cut off in October. I was able to donate the proceeds from the haircut to Breast Cancer research, donate my hair to Locks of Love, and got an awesome punk-pixie cut to boot! I’ll have to get pictures of that as well when my lack of camera is resolved.

If I find other reviews of the Cleo Poppy Bra, I’ll be sure to link back to them in this post. Let me know if you try it out, and what you think! It’s inspired me to give Panache and Cleo by Panache bras another chance.