And what if your bra size doesn’t exist (yet)?

A quick rant: I may find it hard – nay, at times extremely difficult – to find bras in a 28 band (and a larger cup). I admit it was with some despair that I came to terms with the fact that I needed a 28 instead of a 30 band, effectively cutting down my options to online-only shopping and fewer choices.

However, sometimes even 28-bands are too loose for me. And more and more, I keep hearing about (and seeing) girls who need bands that are smaller than 28s. They need 26 and 24 bands (like Brittney from Thin and Curvy) or even smaller. However, there just aren’t really any options for girls like this. Those needing a 26 band can try custom-ordering from Ewa Michalak, a Polish website, but these custom bras can’t be returned, so the purchaser must guess at their size and hope their money on the bras and shipping isn’t wasted. Many girls who need a sub-28 band don’t see going through this somewhat difficult and expensive process as a feasible option. Therefore, they either remain frustrated with 28-band bras that are “close” to fitting right, but cause pain because they’re not quite there, or they make do with loosely-fitting and unsupportive larger band sizes (30,32,even 34). How can good bra companies advocate the  “correct” way to fit yourself without offering options for everyone? It doesn’t seem quite right.

I keep hearing rumors that Panache might be coming out with a 26 band bra, and I’m really hoping that they follow up on this (and that it covers a wide range of cup sizes!). How amazing would it be to have a bra available in your size, for the first time, to purchase directly from the main big-bra websites without having to custom order??

Bra companies, don’t leave us out. Don’t restrict us to one or two bras. Give us options! Give all of us the opportunity to wear the size we need!