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Fitting: why it matters to me

I was 19 when I first started trying to figure out my correct bra size. Not long into my quest, I’d occasionally I’d have friends ask things like, “Why does it matter? Why can’t you be okay with the “sister size” thing, or something “close enough”?” As the search got more and more frustrating, I Continue Reading

Shut out

If you’re an “odd” bra size, you’re probably used to feeling left out. Maybe you’ve given up expecting to find your size in stores at all. If everyone was wearing the correct bra size, I think this would be a more common problem… after all, there are somewhere in the range of 96 possible bra Continue Reading

Cleo Poppy Bra Review

In September, I got my first “new” bra in a long time – the¬†Cleo Poppy bra¬†(from a Bravissimo store, no less!). I usually steer away from Panache/Cleo bras, so I was surprised that I loved the fit when I tried it on. The shape is great, although I must admit I still slightly prefer the Continue Reading

Cream teas

Cream tea: Tea served with a scone that’s topped with butter, jam, and clotted cream. I make scones at home from time to time, but as clotted cream is pretty much impossible to get in the States, I was excited to have cream tea in the UK whenever an occasion arose. Cream Tea #1:¬†Patisserie¬†Valerie in Continue Reading

Summer Science Fiction!

Summer is a great time for some Science Fiction reading, don’t you think? These are some of the books I’ve read or am reading for a summer course (20th Century Science Fiction). I’ve always been a lover of the Science Fiction genre, but it’s nice to have a very specific slice to be reading and Continue Reading

Hourglass shapes and Curvy women

Fashion-associated terms have always confused me. The media delights in assigning all women into a few specific categories – pear, triangle, apple, hourglass, rectangle – and then telling them what they look good in based on their shape. image from One of the terms in particular has always confused me: “hourglass figure.” Most of Continue Reading