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growing up and sports

Confession: I love being active, but I almost never am. I’ve always had a competitive edge, and growing up, that largely showed itself in school and sports. While I did participate in some competitive sports (soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball), I generally just liked jumping into games of soccer or ultimate frisbee or racing. I Continue Reading

Victoria’s Secret and sizing

If you know me, you know that I strongly loathe don’t really care for Victoria’s Secret. I’m of the opinion that it’s the devil they fit people poorly and offer a very limited range for a shop that’s specifically lingerie/bra oriented. Is Vicky’s all bad? Dear readers, pretty much no! If you fit within their Continue Reading

The Great Sizing Enigma

Situation: You go to your friendly local Nordstroms and venture into their lingerie department. You’re currently wearing a DD, but you decide you want to try a size up, but you’re a little confused as to how the sizes all work ‘way up in the above-D realm. So you decide to ask for help. “Do Continue Reading