Monday, August 11, 2014

The Lingerie Games: Okami

The idea behind The Lingerie Games series began in a recent twitter conversation between Kurvendiskussionen, Undie Gamer, Under the Unders, and Pixel Pants Play. What pieces of lingerie could be associated with our favorite video games, they wondered? Thus The Lingerie Games blog series was born! They were on board with me jumping in, so expect to see a few posts on the subject, and be sure to check out the various posts on all the different blogs!

To start off, I'm talking about lingerie inspired by characters from one of my favorite video games: Okami. The artwork in this game is breathtaking, and I'm a big fan of the involved storyline.

Image from Okami Wiki
Amaterasu is the wolf form of the sun-goddess. She is intelligent and powerful, and her personality demands stunning and eye-catching pieces.

Eleanor Robe and lingerie set from Harlow and Fox

Masquerade Ivory Serenity set by Panache

Howling Wolves panty from FRKS Lingerie

Image from Okami Wiki
Waka is a strange and rather mysterious figure who shows up at the most unexpected times (along with his sword, christened "Pillow Talk"). He's ethereal, bird-like, flamboyant, quirky, and fond of bright colors.
Queenie Frilly Shorts from Tutti Rouge
Cleo by Panache Lily swan print set

FrouFrou Dressing Robe by Dottie's Delights

Image from Okami Wiki
Ammy's companion Issun is a Poncle - an upbeat bug-sized humanoid who wields a paintbrush. His big mouth gets him into trouble, but his big heart is undeniable. Since the Poncles wear clothing made from plants in the game, I chose inspiration pieces that hit a range of points: comfortable, lightweight, and a touch whimsical.
Panache Sculptress Paradise Babydoll

Lunar Ombre set from ClareBare

Walking on Sunshine teddy from Eberjay

Image from Okami Wiki
Sakuya is a flowering tree-spirit who first calls on Amaterasu for help. She is vulnerable, wise, and cutely alluring.

Freya Flourish Blossom set

Ayame cupped corset by Karolina Laskowska

Zinke Daisy Jumper

So what video games would you be interested in seeing lingerie-inspired posts for? Anyone else a fan of Okami? I'm certainly interested in hearing other suggestions for other lingerie you feel relates to the game in some way!