Boosaurus Blog Contest/Giveaway!

So, have you checked out the awesome contributors? Are you ready to hear the contest details? Drumroll please! The Boosaurus Blog Contest/Giveaway has begun!

This contest has Two Parts, and you may enter either or both!

Part 1:

Simply email in your answer to this question: “Describe your dream bra.”
Sound like a very open-ended question? It’s meant to be! I frequently hear (and read) women talking about what doesn’t work for them, how hard it is to find something they like even if they find their size, how bras they love never come in their size, etc. Well, if you could have your ideal bra – no restrictions – what would it be like? How would it represent you and your personality? What fitting troubles would it overcome? What would the color/pattern/material be like? What shape would it give you? What superpowers would it bestow upon you? Feel free to incorporate any or all (or none) of these. Just tell me exactly what your ideal bra would be like – taking your specific needs, preferences, and personality into account! Stay simple, or go nuts!

And don’t limit yourself to prose – if you want to write a poem about it, that’s cool, too! Want to draw a picture instead? Sure! (Just include at least a brief description of what makes this bra ideal for you). There’s no maximum or minimum word limit here.

Email your entries to – please note that you must email your entry for this part of the contest (don’t leave it in a comment or a Facebook message) for it to count! Also, it would be helpful if you included your usual size in order to best sort out the prizes ūüôā

Entries will be judged based on creativity, style, and ability to convey thoughts in an engaging way. There will be multiple winners. The prizes for this part of the contest are:

-A Charlotte bra and panty set in Peach/Black from Parfait by Affinitas (sizes 30-40 D-G)
-A Honey Babydoll in pink from Parfait by Affinitas (sizes 30-40 D-G)
-A Curvy Kate bra and panty set of choice (sizes 28-40 D-K)
-A Jude bra and panty set from Cleo by Panache (sizes 28-38 D-G)
-An American-Tan Dessous bra and panty set from Claudette (sizes 30-38 A-G)
-A 20% off code for Butterfly Collection Lingerie
-A sports bra from Enell
-A 50GBP gift voucher to Large Cup Lingerie
-A $25 gift voucher to A Sophisticated Pair
-A 70pl gift voucher for Urkye
(Read more about these awesome prizes and sponsors here!)

Part 2:

This part is a random drawing! Yay! Just leave a brief comment telling me what the single most difficult item of clothing (besides bras) for you to find is, along with a valid email address (or other form of contact info), and your name will be entered to win one of these sweet prizes:

1. A custom garter from Bows Before Hose
2. A free online bra fitting session with Beautiful Bosom
3. A signed copy of Elisabeth Dale’s book boobs: A Guide to Your Girls
4. A copy of the comic book Wapsi Square Volume 1, with a signed sketch by author Paul Taylor inside
5.¬†A¬†goody basket¬†(with treats like lingerie soap and undies) from¬†Linda’s Online
(Read more detail about these goodies here!)

And, for additional entries in the drawing:
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So, you can have a total of four entries in the drawing – just be sure to tell me in your comment if you’ve liked, followed, and/or retweeted so I make sure to give you the correct number of entries! If you’re already following on Twitter and/or Facebook, that still counts – just remind me in your comment, and be sure to include a valid email regardless so I can contact you if you’ve won ūüôā

There will be five winners for this part of the contest! Winners will be chosen through random drawing.

And now for Some Rules!
-The contest deadline is September 16th, and winners will be announced within a week following that date.
-This contest is for women only – there are no restrictions on location.
-You may enter one or both parts of the contest (you don’t have to enter both).
-Any winners from Part 1, however, will be ineligible to win from the drawing in Part 2.
-You must be willing to potentially write a review of your winnings (basically, just let me know if you liked it/how it worked for you). Photos are optional, and something brief is fine ūüôā
-Entrants for Part 1 must be willing to have their entries potentially published in a future blog post [Note: you may remain completely anonymous if you wish; entries will be identified only by first name/nickname in any case]
-Please note in your entry email for Part 1 if you are out of the size range for any of the prizes (or just let me know your usual size – if you’re not sure of your size, check this out), so you can best be matched to prizes!