Friday, March 29, 2013

Musings on Bra Blogging

Sorry for neglecting you, my lovely readers.... I've been working on a rather exciting project, and hopefully you'll be seeing more about that soon! For the moment, a bit of musing...

I've been thinking lately how I've been seeing a number of great new bra blogs crop up, as well as watching older ones flourish and grow (I mean, just look at this awesome list!). There are so many sizes, shapes, and personalities represented throughout all these bra blogs, and I'm continually amazed at the variety! Still, there are some "gaps" - there are very few larger-banded bloggers, for example, and not many small-bust ones (and I can't think of any who are both!); there are also very few properly-fitted bra bloggers in the "commonly sold sizes" range of 32-38 A-DD.

So, what about you? Is your size, shape, and preference list represented in the bra blogging world? If not (or even if so), and you've felt the urge to write, why not start a blog?

"But I'm not blogger material!" you might say. I'll tell you a secret - there are about a billion random reasons that I've thought that I'm not "bra blogger material" either:

  • I'm not "girly" or "fashion-forward" enough - I generally dislike dresses and I rarely wear makeup.

  • I don't like wearing matching bra/underwear sets - they remind me too much of swimwear.

  • I'm not personally comfortable posting pictures of myself in lingerie online.

  • The majority of my bras are bought secondhand, and I can't afford to buy lots of new lingerie to review.

  • I'm nerdy, not up with the latest lingerie trends, and have to stop myself from posting about how much I want a Batgirl bra (okay, so I lied earlier. I would totally wear a matching Batgirl [or any superhero/heroine] bra/underwear set).

  • I'm not good at holding myself to a regular posting schedule.

  • Sometimes I really don't like my boobs. Or my body shape.

  • I don't have a bunch of "connections".

  • I've never been a professional bra fitter.

  • I hate shopping.

  • I don't know how to pronounce "Ewa Michalak".

But you know what? I realized that these excuses "reasons" are pretty silly things to keep me from blogging. Because I feel that I have something to say. Un-fashion-forward as I may feel, I have something to add to the community. All of us do, whether we love floral prints or not. There's no magical formula or set of rules that one must adhere to in order to blog about bras (or whatever else). And if you think you have something to say, why not say it?


  1. I've thought about starting a blog because there aren't many bloggers for those with A cups or smaller, and the small bust bloggers that exist don't blog regularly. Which really sucks because full busted bloggers are constantly creating content.

    But instead of starting a blog, I think i may just guest post on blogs I like. Hah. I don't have enough material for a full fledged blog dedicated entirely to what it means to being small breasted and female bodied.

  2. I do blog ( but as a 28GG-H I'm in the common camp!

    And about Ewa, it's one of two ways which I'm not 100% sure of - pronounced 'Eeeva' or Evva'; emphasis of the e or v sound. Either way, the w is a v sound. :-)

    Becky x

  3. I was a 28E then my boobs decided to grow , now I'm a 28F. I just started a blog not too long ago , I've thought a out doing post on bras and boobs buy don't feel like I know enough to actually do it.

  4. I love this post. I always love this blog and I would love to see more bloggers in the 28+ A-D cups and D+ 32+ bands. xx

  5. "I can't afford to purchase lots of new lingerie to review" < that's probably the *main* reason why I didn't want to start a "big bust blog." Also like Becky said there are already so many 28/30GG-H women blogging already, and even though my personality would be different, I don't ultimately think I'd be contributing much new information. I couldn't resist one post about bras because I love them and think they can make a world of difference to posture, self-esteem, etc., but I don't think I could ever post regularly about them.

    I would love to see more large band/small bust/other less-represented sizes in blogs too, though!

  6. Would a blog about 32J /30J bras and bikinis and finding clothes for 12/14 petite figure b worth starting ? Or is it too common size blog ?

    1. Sounds like you're the same size as me, I'd read it if you blogged! When you say petite do you mean not very tall? I'm 5ft 2 and find that an additional problem as the extra boob space is often not where my boobs are as I'm just not tall enough, this is particularly bad with Pepperberry clothes

  7. The more the merrier I say :) From a person that felt like a freak most of her life with 30J's that were once stuffed in 34F bras, any new blog in any sizerange makes me feel less like a freak and makes me embrace and love our diversity.
    And being slavic, I know how to pronounce Ewa (it's just short Eva, not Iva) but I don't know how to pronounce Panache :D In my head it sounds like Panasheye :D

    1. Ah, so Ewa is like 'ever' then? Panache is = pan ash

      Becky x

    2. Yes, Ewa is like 'ever', and Michalak is something like Mee-ha (ha pronounce like 'ham')-lack.

  8. I actually typed up a prototype for a fitting review I'd like to post in the bra blog I've been wanting to start for a while last night (did that convoluted sentence make sense at all?!)

    I'm in the space of right at the edge of the plus-size world -- I wear a 34GG right now, but I think I'm about to go down to a 32 band since I've lost 20 pounds and my underbust is 33 right now. But I wear around a US size 14. Of course, the fitter I went to yesterday was putting me in 36s and I didn't like how ANY of them fit.

    Not having the money for a lot of bras (or the time to really go try a ton on), not being great at photos, and my size being in some flux are my hesitations. Also, my squishy belly makes me self conscious for photos.

    On the other hand, I think my size isn't super popular -- not quite plus, but not small -- and I'm also pretty high-busted and more full to the sides, which I actually don't see a lot of.

  9. I'm blogging and it seems that I have quite unusual size for lingerie blogging community (I'm 32E in most bras) and shape (pretty much shallow). But I do have my issues: I have no decent camera (and it looks like there are always other things to buy), so photos aren't as good as they could be and I need good light to make them (not happens often in winter where I live) and I'm not going to post any photos with my face or without clothes on (it would be disaster if somebody found such photos at my work). Still I hope that my posts on bras and clothes are helpful for other girls like me.

  10. Agreed. I'm not 'bra blogger material'! Except for thirty being in the rearview mirror, I don't think there's much that distinguishes my experience. I don't post photos of myself (which would probably be useful), and I'm terrible at making engineering drawings.

    The key for me is to get the information out there- to be a resource so others can frame their searches for bras with more context for things that may work better for them.

    Blogging takes time, and that's the toughest part. But if one wants to blog and offer their own information, it's still pretty scarce! I've seen a ton of blogs pop up in the past year and a half and I applaud each one of them!

  11. I don't feel that my shape is represented at all. Reading bra blogs has made me feel more unusual because it seems like everybody needs a 28 band, except for the infrequent plus-sized blogger. I'm neither. I'm stocky. Muscular Hourglass probably gets closest to my type of build.

    I'm also not an hourglass. I'm not quite an inverted triangle, but somewhere in between the two. Waist-defining belts do not work for me. I would love to see clothing advice from a busty woman with small hips.

    Then there's age. Most of the bloggers are fairly young, and I hope we'll see more middle-aged women soon, like Bra Zealot.

    Still, I shouldn't complain, since I'm not prepared to start my own blog. It's a question of time and commitment. I'm not interested in starting a project, knowing that I'd wind up abandoning it after half a dozen posts.

    So instead of starting my own blog, I found a blogger to work with. I write guest posts for Voluptuous but Beautiful from time to time. I would encourage other people who don't have lots of time to consider this route, as it can be a win for both parties. A blogger gets a bit of a break, and you get a chance to say something to a larger audience than you would reach if you had an irregularly updated blog.

  12. While I am quite keen on sharing my own bra reviews with whoever will be interested, I'd feel like I am butting in on a well established community if I were to start my own blog. I don't think I have anything new to say that has not already been said by other bloggers. And repeating what others have already stated earlier goes against my grain. That is probably the main reason I'd not want to have a bra blog of my own. I am in the mainstream blogging size of small band big cup.

    I think there is a reason "regular" breasted women don't blog - it is a non-issue for them. They have no trouble finding bras in their size that fit, and they don't go through life hating their body not knowing they are merely in a poorly fitted bra.

    Small breasted (A cups of so) women probably also aren't motivated enough. Even if they can't find a proper bra, they don't experience as much discomfort from the not having one. Their breasts don't get the saggy look, they aren't jiggly or weighed down. And, in my opinion, they don't look half as bad as a big busted woman would in a wrong bra. So, while some might feel enough motivation to start a blog, it sort of fizzles out because there is probably not enough interest in the readers and the project eventually dies.

  13. I love you ladies! Your Bra Blogs help me so much and were an inspiration when starting my business. I was researching bra blogs as i was going to try to start reviewing some of my bras for my website, but really am no good at writing.. Sigh... Maybe, Maybe... :-)

    Thanks Again!!