Friday, March 1, 2013

Bra Links from Wales Roundup

I've been feeling pretty sick and uninspired this week (allergy headaches tend to do that), but since I've been on a roll with posting on Fridays, here's a quick little miscellany of Welsh bra-related links in honor of St. David's Day - a national holiday on March 1 in Wales, my "country of origin"! Random, I know, but just go with me here...

(Also, the [UK] Google Doodle today was pretty neat!)

A reporter from Wales Online goes undercover to test out the bra-fitting services of bra stores in Cardiff

Bravissimo has a location in Cardiff, although the reporter above apparently didn't visit (I think she would've had better luck if she had!)

Article on a new bra (made in Wales using 3D-measuring) called the "Optifit". Not sure how much of this article I agree with, but interesting all the same

Another article on the Optifit, this time from the Daily Mail - much more detail here. Still, I think a properly-fitting bra would really solve most of the issues that the Optifit aims to correct

Twitter joke that made me laugh (but most people probably won't get)

Not really sure why, but bra brand Lunaire has a bra called the Wales bra

Let's not forget that the first Curvy Kate Star in a Bra winner was the lovely Emma Tabor of Pembroke, Wales!

From WalesOnline - three women test out some 99p bras to see if they're at all worth wearing. The verdict seems to be yes, if you're in a pinch (and they have your size) notes that "the average British bra size has increased by three-cups (from a 34B to a 34DD) since 2010" according to a survey by Debenhams, although I suspect that this has mostly to do with more and more women getting into their correct size! Apparently, Wales has the biggest "gain" in the UK, with the "average" bra size going form 32C to 34E

The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is offering a class in corsetry this summer - if only!

Speaking of corsets, here's some custom ones (featured at the Welsh Designer Show in Cardiff) by Victoria Whiteland

Really want some lingerie that says "Wales"? There's a corset on ebay just for you

You can't have this Welsh bra (at the bottom of the page) any more, though. It was sold for charity.

What about you? Seen or read any interesting or unusual bra-related stories or news this week?


  1. Yay for Celtic pride! =o). The Optifit has a really dreadful shape, though. Like the Fantasie Belle, but even more low slung, dumpy, & pointy in shape. Why on earth did they go with those frumpy horizontal seams rather than a nicely rounding diagonal seam?!

    1. Hmmm, I' be surprised if any of those fitters in the article got her size right. She certainly doesn't look like a 34/36!

  2. Class in corsetry? That sounds like so much fun! I have never actually even worn a corset before, but I *love* the way they look and have always wanted to be able to make them (or even buy them- the potential cost-per-wear for me is always a bit too high :-/.

    I always wonder how much those "gains in sizes" are off (e.g. not just whether the "gain" is women buying a more correct size, but whether the "34DD" they talk about is actually something like a 32G).

  3. Many thinks in the Optifit article concern me. Mostly the language used for regular bras. They seem to think that a standard bra is actually supposed to compress insted of support, sit high on ones back, "squash" ones breast tissue against the chest and have underwires that dig in. They ovbiously don't know how a well fitting standard bras looks and supports, and it worries me to have people who don't know trying to improve the bra.

    1. My thoughts too! Methinks that a properly fitting bra would solve the problems that the Optifit is trying to correct...