Friday, February 22, 2013

Bra Fitting Resources Roundup

So, you want to figure out your correct bra size - but you're having a bit of difficulty knowing where to start. Or, you know what your approximate size is, but you want to learn more about sizing, bra care, and styles/brands. Feeling lost? Have no fear! The wonderful world of correctly-fitting bras is at your fingertips! There are SO many great resources out there, but below is a roundup of some of the basics.

Good Bra Calculators:
The quickest, easiest way to determine your "starting point" bra size. [note - these may not be as accurate for very small busts. See Bra Fitting Guides below]

"Bras 101" Guides:
These comprehensive guides take the calculators to the next level, explaining how to measure as well as pointing out some exceptions that may crop up, giving tips on correct fit and how to wear bras, noting various good brands and styles, and more! Check out the "Bra Fitting" tab at the top of this page, too ;)

Online Fittings:
A great option for those wanting to get an accurate fitting or fitting/sizing advice from an expert without having to leave home

Online Resources/Forums
Great places to get general various information, research different brands, and (anonymously) ask questions about sizing, measuring, bra styles, and more

In-Store Fittings (U.S. Specific):
I actually don't really recommend relying solely on store fittings to determine your size - at the very least, measure yourself before going to get an idea - but the below U.S. stores usually have a good range of sizes available and often have reasonably good fitters
Have more resources to add or questions to ask? Feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. Excellent roundup!
    I'd also add and the group The Bust Line, though the latter is really only of interest to knitters. (But if you want to know how to knit your own sweater to fit your boobs, it's the place to go.)

    It might also be useful to have information to "soften the blow" of letter shock, such as this Busts4Justice post on how +4 sucks or a post about the relativism of cup size. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Butterfly Collection and Braless in Brasil have good ones.

    1. Good thought about thirty_twoD... I debated on adding it as it's a bit more of a "private" group, but it is a good one! I haven't checked out Ravelry much (not really a knitter), but I probably should!

      I did want to keep this roundup a mix of just really basic fitting information, but I'm glad you linked to all of those great posts! I just didn't want the post to get too overwhelming, but now that the links are in the comments, I hope any readers of this will check those out as well :D

  2. Nice roundup. Another way to find the right bra size is become a member of bra-fitting forum like "" in Germany. There you can talk about problems with bra an get advice to find a perfect matching bra. It's hard clearly, to find a professional fitting in most specialty shops, but there is no way to find out right size without tasting a lot of bras in shop. I found out my right size at "DoppelD", small lingerie boutique in Berlin with professional tasting.

    1. Forums are definitely a great resource! I linked to two above (A Bra That Fits and Thirty_twoD) as well as Bratabase, where you can ask fitting questions :) The German sites you mentioned are great as well for those who speak the language.

  3. Thank you for including us in this fantastic round up of resources. It's encouraging to see that there are so many resources available now. I'm very hopeful that over the next decade we'll see a big shift in better bra fit for more women (especially in North America) xx

  4. At Pudding, we've had great success fitting over the phone for customers who can't make it in to our Reading (UK) boutique. Customers who are still a bit shy can sometimes prefer this to skype.

  5. So here's my as-yet-unsolvable problem: my girls are low and wide. I've been fitted by no less than four different "professional" fitters, each one insisting that THEY can properly fit me. They can't, and here's why. Wire-free bras simply do not work for me. I prefer underwires because they push the girls together, and out of my armpits. However, anything less than an F/G underwire cuts into the girls and I can only tolerate about three or four hours before it becomes too painful and I'm folding up paper towels or tissues to put between me and the wire. On top of that, since the girls don't stand up the way they used to, I can't fill out the top of the cup, which then puckers. And finally, I have protruding nipples which requires I wear a lined or molded bra. Anything sheer and... well, you understand. Can anyone offer any advice? I'm beyond frustrated that I can't find a well-fitting bra.