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Boosaurus Blog Contest/Giveaway!

So, have you checked out the awesome contributors? Are you ready to hear the contest details? Drumroll please! The Boosaurus Blog Contest/Giveaway has begun!

This contest has Two Parts, and you may enter either or both!

Part 1:

Simply email in your answer to this question: "Describe your dream bra."
Sound like a very open-ended question? It's meant to be! I frequently hear (and read) women talking about what doesn't work for them, how hard it is to find something they like even if they find their size, how bras they love never come in their size, etc. Well, if you could have your ideal bra - no restrictions - what would it be like? How would it represent you and your personality? What fitting troubles would it overcome? What would the color/pattern/material be like? What shape would it give you? What superpowers would it bestow upon you? Feel free to incorporate any or all (or none) of these. Just tell me exactly what your ideal bra would be like - taking your specific needs, preferences, and personality into account! Stay simple, or go nuts!

And don't limit yourself to prose - if you want to write a poem about it, that's cool, too! Want to draw a picture instead? Sure! (Just include at least a brief description of what makes this bra ideal for you). There's no maximum or minimum word limit here.

Email your entries to - please note that you must email your entry for this part of the contest (don't leave it in a comment or a Facebook message) for it to count! Also, it would be helpful if you included your usual size in order to best sort out the prizes :)

Entries will be judged based on creativity, style, and ability to convey thoughts in an engaging way. There will be multiple winners. The prizes for this part of the contest are:

-A Charlotte bra and panty set in Peach/Black from Parfait by Affinitas (sizes 30-40 D-G)
-A Honey Babydoll in pink from Parfait by Affinitas (sizes 30-40 D-G)
-A Curvy Kate bra and panty set of choice (sizes 28-40 D-K)
-A Jude bra and panty set from Cleo by Panache (sizes 28-38 D-G)
-An American-Tan Dessous bra and panty set from Claudette (sizes 30-38 A-G)
-A 20% off code for Butterfly Collection Lingerie
-A sports bra from Enell
-A 50GBP gift voucher to Large Cup Lingerie
-A $25 gift voucher to A Sophisticated Pair
-A 70pl gift voucher for Urkye
(Read more about these awesome prizes and sponsors here!)

Part 2:

This part is a random drawing! Yay! Just leave a brief comment telling me what the single most difficult item of clothing (besides bras) for you to find is, along with a valid email address (or other form of contact info)and your name will be entered to win one of these sweet prizes:

1. A custom garter from Bows Before Hose
2. A free online bra fitting session with Beautiful Bosom
3. A signed copy of Elisabeth Dale's book boobs: A Guide to Your Girls
4. A copy of the comic book Wapsi Square Volume 1, with a signed sketch by author Paul Taylor inside
5. A goody basket (with treats like lingerie soap and undies) from Linda's Online
(Read more detail about these goodies here!)

And, for additional entries in the drawing:
-Like Boosaurus on Facebook
-Follow Boosaurus on Twitter
-Retweet about the contest on Twitter

So, you can have a total of four entries in the drawing - just be sure to tell me in your comment if you've liked, followed, and/or retweeted so I make sure to give you the correct number of entries! If you're already following on Twitter and/or Facebook, that still counts - just remind me in your comment, and be sure to include a valid email regardless so I can contact you if you've won :)

There will be five winners for this part of the contest! Winners will be chosen through random drawing.

And now for Some Rules!
-The contest deadline is September 16th, and winners will be announced within a week following that date.
-This contest is for women only - there are no restrictions on location.
-You may enter one or both parts of the contest (you don't have to enter both).
-Any winners from Part 1, however, will be ineligible to win from the drawing in Part 2.
-You must be willing to potentially write a review of your winnings (basically, just let me know if you liked it/how it worked for you). Photos are optional, and something brief is fine :)
-Entrants for Part 1 must be willing to have their entries potentially published in a future blog post [Note: you may remain completely anonymous if you wish; entries will be identified only by first name/nickname in any case]
-Please note in your entry email for Part 1 if you are out of the size range for any of the prizes (or just let me know your usual size - if you're not sure of your size, check this out), so you can best be matched to prizes!

That's it! Please feel free to email me with any questions at, and good luck to everyone! :) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Boosaurus Blog Contest: Introducing the Sponsors and Prizes!

I'm excited to (finally) announce the sponsors/prizes for my upcoming Blog Contest/Giveaway!

Boosaurus recently reached 100,000 pageviews, and I figured that this was as good an excuse as any to celebrate. :) This blog really started out as just a place to vent my frustrations and document my successes in the bra-world, but in the past approximately 9 months since I decided to start focusing more specifically on bra and busty-fashion related things, it's grown into something that's been useful and helpful to others - and I think that's pretty cool! This contest is a thank-you to my readers as much as anything - you guys are awesome, and I know I've learned just as much from you as anything you've managed to glean from your readings here.

Another reason why I decided that a contest was in order was that this gives me an opportunity to introduce and plug some great companies and people to you all. Every single company or person who offered something to the prize pool is awesome, and I'm truly blown away by the generosity that they showed to help little old me give a thank-you to you guys. :)  I'll be linking to any Facebook or Twitter pages that the companies have - I've found it's really the best way to keep up-to-date with news, companies, and what the different brands are planning on offering!

The details of how to enter the contest will be upcoming within the next few days, but for now, without further ado, check out the great prizes that will be offered by some truly awesome companies!

Even though I'm sized out of the brand currently, I've been in love with the Parfait line ever since I first laid eyes on it. Parfait is offering their lovely Charlotte Padded Bra & High Waist Brief set in Peach/Black, as well as the Honey Babydoll & Bikini in Petal Pink. Major bra lust here! Both come in a 30-40 D-G size range.

Read Becky's review of both the Charlotte and the Honey Babydoll here!

You can also find Affinitas & Parfait on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and YouTube.

Despite the fact that the brand is only a few years old, Curvy Kate honestly has some of the best range and the prettiest bras I've seen, ever. Curvy Kate is offering up a bra set of choice to the prize pool! Their sets come in 28-40 bands, D-K cups.
You can keep up to speed with Curvy Kate on Twitter and Facebook (Curvy Kate USA has specific Twitter and Facebook pages as well!)

Love Claudette only launched a year ago (you can read more about the company on The Breast Life), but their range is already pretty impressive (with plans to expand to K cups next year!), and the colors they offer are definitely eye-catching! Claudette is offering a bra and panty set of their new Dessous color - American Tan! It comes in 30-38 bands, A-G cups. I'm really loving the vintage coloring of this bra and the lovely, delicate sheerness.

You can find out more about Claudette through their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Cleo by Panache - a brand I love for its playful and pretty designs - is offering a Jude bra and boyshort set! It's available in sizes 28-38 D-G.

Follow Panache and Cleo on Twitter - Panache also has a new U.S.-specific Facebook page for my fellow U.S. readers to check out.

Enell is offering one of their Sports Bras in the winner's size! I've had pretty good success with the Enell myself, and I'm excited to get to offer a sports bra for a lucky winner.
Check out Enell on both Facebook and Twitter.

Beautiful Bosom is a UK-based online bra store that offers not only a large range of sizes, but owner Beverly has a big focus on consultation and offering real help to women. BB is offering one of their very detailed and thorough bra fittings/advice sessions over Skype!
You can follow Beautiful Bosom on Twitter.

Large Cup Lingerie is offering a 50GBP gift voucher for their online bra store! LCL has a great range of brands and sizes available, and you can find bras for as little as 15GBP. They're definitely worth adding to your list of "great places to find bras"! :)
Large Cup Lingerie is also on Twitter.

Linda's is a US-based bra store run by Linda Becker, a lady who's definitely passionate about getting women into the proper fit! Linda also has an amazing website with a very impressive variety of sizes available. Linda's is offering a goody basket to a lucky winner!
The goody basket will include:
Sexy Honeydew ruffle panties (in small/med/large choice) in a gorgeous teal color
A lined journal and black satin make up back from ChantelleWhite heart shaped sticky notes from Panache <3A pink tin of Match Tips (double sided tape circles) from CommandoTravel size LeBlanc wash (amazing stuff - for lingerie, silk, cashmere, bathing suits, etc.)
A Vitamin A bag for swimsuits or beach accessories
You can follow Linda on Twitter and Facebook.

U.S.based, D+ focused bra shop A Sophisticated Pair is run by the lovely Erica and Debbie. Their bra calculator is one of the most accurate I've ever seen, and their blog is definitely worth subscribing to! A Sophisticated Pair is offering a $25 gift voucher for their online selection of bras.
A Sophisticated Pair is also on Twitter and Facebook.

New Polish bust-friendly clothing company Urkye is offering a 70pl gift voucher - enough to buy a Francuski shirt, if you're so inclined? They're also coming out with some new stock in September, I've heard,  so this is a great time to try them out! :) I've had great luck with Urkye personally so far, and the owner is so helpful and friendly - I can't recommend them enough!
Follow Urkye on Facebook to keep up to speed with the latest and upcoming offerings.

Canadian-based shop Butterfly Collection Lingerie is owned by the lovely Claire, who's on a mission to help women in Canada and the U.S. specifically to navigate the difficulties of finding the correct fit and size. The website also boasts one of the best online bra size calculators out there. Butterfly Collection is offering a 20% discount off anything from their online store - pair this with one of their amazing free Skype fitting consultations and you'll be on your way to owning your perfect bra!
You can keep up to speed with The Butterfly Collection on Facebook and Twitter.

Bows Before Hose - maker of quirky/nerdy/awesome jewelry and accessories - is offering one of her lovely custom garters! Take a look at the rest of her Facebook page and revel in the cute nerdiness!

The Breast Life is run by creator and "breast expert" Elizabeth Dale, a very knowledgeable and amazing lady! Her website offers a wealth of bra and boob facts, education, news, and much more. She's offering a signed copy of her book bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls

You can get more bra-knowledge, news, and tips from TheBreastLife's Twitter and Facebook pages!

I've been a reader of the webcomic Wapsi Square since I was about 15, and it remains at the top of my list of favorite comics to this day. The story is so rich and involved that I can only echo what author Paul Taylor says when he describes it as "a slice of supernatural life." Busty heroine Monica has to deal not only with the supernatural and her inner demons, but also her own struggles with "everyday" things like finding a bra that fits.
Paul Taylor  has contributed a new copy of Comic Book 1 in the series, with a signed sketch on the inside cover.

And there you have it! Are you excited yet?? :D Stay tuned for how you can try your luck at winning any of these awesome prizes...

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Some Updates and News!

I have some fairly exciting news/updates to share, so I figured they warranted at least a brief post!

First of all -  I finally took the plunge and bought a URL, so you'll now find the blog at (much easier to type in and remember!). However, all addresses for will automatically redirect to the current site, so no worries about any old links you may be following, although you may want to update any bookmarks/blogrolls if you wish :) Since the change was so recent, bear in mind that there might be a few kinks for the next day or so in terms of redirecting, etc (although I hope not many!). Please let me know if you experience any issues!

I also went ahead and added a "Translate" button to the blog for international readers - however, I have no idea of the accuracy of the translate tool, so hopefully it's actually useful :B (any bilingual readers, feel free to let me know)

And, last but not least - as a thank-you to readers and another way to plug some great companies... I'm planning on having a contest/giveaway near the end of the month (in just a couple of weeks) to celebrate the blog reaching 100,000 pageviews! There'll be some great prizes up for the lucky winners, so stay tuned for more details! :D

[Also, I've been updating the Blogroll page lately, so if you haven't given it a look in a while, check it out! There are lot of great new (and new to me) bra bloggers out there]

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How to (Correctly) Wear a Bra

I've written so much in the past on how NOT to wear bras that I figured it was high time I wrote a post showing the right way to wear them! I've found that many women have actually never worn or even seen a well-fitting bra worn in their lives - so how are they to know what one looks or feels like?

If you're not sure if you're wearing the correct size, check out 5 Signs of a Poorly-Fitting Bra. If you're experiencing any of these signs of a poor fit, never fear - this post should help get you back on the right track! You may also want to measure yourself (WikiHow also has a great guide) to check your starting point size.

First things first:

Steps for Putting on a Bra

[Blogger CarissaRose has a great tutorial with pictures that is infinitely better than this written list! But here's a long-winded step-by-step in any case:]
1. It's generally recommended that you start by holding the bra so the bottom wires of the cups are under your breasts and hook the band from behind, but if that's too difficult right now (or you just don't prefer doing it this way), go ahead and hook it in front and spin the cups forward, no one will tell ;) Be sure you're fastening it on the loosest hook.

2. Now that the bra is hooked on and the cups are in front, pull up a bit if need be to be sure that the bottom cup wires are right under your breasts. Go ahead and put your arms through the straps (loosen them for the moment if need be) and put them over your shoulders.

3. Now for the fun part: bend and scoop! Bend forward and reach down into the sides and bottom of the bra cups to to lift and adjust your breasts into the cups, pulling in any breast tissue from your underarm back into the cups. Jiggle things around if need be! Make sure that the wires are sitting against your skin underneath your breasts.

4. Stand up and finish making sure all your breast tissue is inside the cups (if you're getting overspill at this point, you'll know instantly that the cups are too small) and that the wires are sitting firmly against your skin. Then adjust/tighten the straps.

When you have your bra on, remember that it should feel a) snug and supportive, and b) comfortable. If it doesn't feel supportive and/or comfortable, you're probably in the wrong size (or style).

For a quick summation, check out this great short video by Ewa Michalak for a visual example of how to put on a bra, along with an example of proper fit. Also, all of the models on the EM website are wearing the correct size, so it's a good reference!

Now that your bra is on properly, on to figuring out if it's fitting you correctly!

The Wires

The wires of your bra should be fully encasing your breasts and sitting firmly against your ribcage - not floating off the ribcage or digging or sitting on the breasts! The center gore (the wire between the cups) needs to be sitting firm and flush against your sternum, not floating between the breasts - but it shouldn't be cutting or digging into your breastbone, either. Your breasts should definitely not be falling out the wires/bottom of the cups.

Proper Wire Placement:

Bras from Ewa Michalak
Note position of the wires in all these bras. The wires are underneath the breasts and extend to underneath the armpit (some bras will have wider wires than Ewa Michalak bras, and will extend a little further under the armpit). The center gore sits flush against the sternum. No wires are sitting on breast tissue. The bras in the above example are all plunge-type bras, but the same goes for other styles with higher center wires.

The Band

The band of the bra should feel firm and snug on the loosest hook, and it should sit level around your body (it shouldn't ride up, and the bra shouldn't shift around). You shouldn't be able to pull it very far away from your body - maybe a few finger's worth at most - and you shouldn't be able to easily put it on the tightest hook right away. At the same time, the bra shouldn't cut in uncomfortably.

Proper Band Placement:

Bras from Ewa Michalak

The bands on these examples are snug on the loosest hook and sitting straight and firm across the back. They're not digging in, nor are they riding up.

The Cups

Tied in very closely with the wires - once the wires are in their correct spot, there should be no overspill anywhere (top, sides, or bottom!) or gapping in the cups. The cup should create a smooth line on your breasts. Your breasts should look "uplifted" and not droopy.

Proper Cup Fit:

Bras from Ewa Michalak and Cleo by Panache

The cups in these examples are fully encasing the breasts.

The Straps

The straps should not be cutting or digging in, nor should they be taking much weight - they should only be doing around 10-15% of the lifting. At the same time, make sure that they are tightened up enough so you're not getting sagging in the cups. Any of the above picture examples show proper strap placement.

Movement and Comfort

Does it seem like your bra is in line with the signs of a proper fit? Great! Now move around some - walk, jump, sit, jiggle, raise your arms. Does the bra poke or stab uncomfortably? Does it shift around? Do you lose support? A bra that's a proper fit will hold your shape and its support well, and it won't move out of place.

Some final well-fitting examples to wrap it up:

Bras from Curvy Kate

So - does your bra look like these examples? If not, it's time to try another size (or style)!

For further reading:
Ill-fitting Bras vs Well-Fitting Bras - great picture-comparison post from FullerFigureFullerBust.
The Perils of Size Charts and "Plus Four" - Brastop blog shows how wrongly the +4 method leads us with a comparison of Jo in her "Plus Four" (incorrect) size of 36F and her actual, proper size of 32J.
Let's Panic About Badly-Fitting Bras - examples of poorly-fitting bras (and a few examples of good fit thrown in!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nursing Bra Blues [Guest Post by Kendra]

Today's guest post is written by a good friend, Kendra. She's a first-time mom with a 14-month old, and she blogs about her experiences (including sleep training and chiropractics for young children) on her blog Art & Other! In this guest post, she goes over some of the bras that she tried out during the year she nursed her son. I'm sure any mom who's struggled with figuring out size and bras during pregnancy and nursing can relate to some of the things she's dealt with!

It's been a while since I have been fitted for a bra, admittedly.  Before pregnancy, I was wearing a 34D or DD.  After spending years trying to find a bra that not only fit well, but was comfortable and  looked pretty, I finally found a Wacoal at Dillard's.  $60 was a small price to pay after being let down by so many.  I wore the bra for about a week, then I found out I was pregnant.  I had to put that bra away shortly afterward, not to be worn again (at least not since... I still have it in hopes I'll be able to wear it again one day).

I bought two nursing bras before my son was born. They were both what I would consider daytime styles with underwires - I optimistically planned to wear them when going out in public.  I also bought a nursing tank which turned out to be wonderful (I bought about 4 more soon after giving birth and I realized how valuable they were).  Little did I know that my size would change dramatically enough to render these bras (that I so naively purchased in my eagerness to prepare for baby) almost useless.  So, if I could go back in time, I would tell myself:

Buy one or two of the more forgiving and comfortable sleep nursing bras to take to the hospital and use in the first week or two.  Save investing in a good daytime nursing bra for post pregnancy and post engorgement, because your size may change a lot in that time.

After I learned this lesson, I had to buy some nursing bras that might fit. It didn't appeal to me at all to go out in public more than necessary for a couple of months, so I really didn't even care to try on nursing bras. I'm pretty picky when shopping for bras, anyway (a lot of the readers here probably know exactly what I mean) and I felt like I had exhausted all of the nearby retailers, anyway. The two that I had bought were somewhat out of desperation at our local Motherhood Maternity that was closing, and hey, they were on clearance. I knew what I did NOT want (tiny elastic straps, anything that might result in uniboob or quadraboob, flimsy material). What I hoped to find was structure, support, and quality, and I knew I'd be really lucky if I also found comfort and something pretty.

I bought 3 very different bras on the Internet.  Even without trying them on I thought I could find something better than what I had.

This is an "Elizabeth" Cotton/Mesh Wireless Nursing Bra in 36F.  I bought it a cup size up because I felt like cup sizes were always too small on me (hence my need to remeasure properly).  In my frustration I ordered the cup size bigger, but this was totally the wrong bra to do it on, as it is a full coverage bra already. 
Pros:  I think I would love this bra for comfort, structure, support, and breathability, except that the cups are just too dang big.  Not a problem I've ever had in a bra I've managed to think is a good enough fit to bring home before. 
Cons:  There is nothing is uglier, and anything with a neckline lower than a t-shirt (slight exaggeration) reveals it.
I paid: $28.99 on

This is a Bamboo Nursing Softcup in 36DD.
Pros:  Comfortable, soft bamboo material.  It got softer with age.  I wore it quite a bit at home, but didn't like the look of it enough to wear it out.
Cons:  Weak in the structure/support department.  I expected more since it has an underwire.  Perhaps I should have ordered a smaller band.
I paid: $22.99 on

Pros:  I thought I could get away with this one being my good daytime bra.  For no underwire, it does have good support.  And it's almost pretty (c:  The straps are narrow but made out of non-elastic material (eureka!).
Cons:  My biggest disappointment is that I paid twice as much for this bra as the others and I didn't necessarily like it more.  On top of that, the hook snapped after about 6 months of occasional use [see detail pic].  It still functioned, but it left a sharp edge and I cut myself on it numerous times while trying to blindly hook it and hold baby at the same time.  I don't think the hooks are of any higher or lower quality than the other bras, just an unfortunate thing to happen to this one.  Also, I thought this bra would be the one that I'd wear out and about, but after an hour or so, things shift around and it no longer gives the proper support or look that I like. 
I paid: $59.00 on

All three of these bras I would wear with nursing tanks over them 95% of the time to add the support that I needed.  When buying bras in the future I will have more experience and put more priority in sizing myself and finding the right size, because in writing this blog I see that is my main problem.

I had two styles of tanks.  The gray one [pictured] is called a full sling, and the black one is not (not sure what it's called).  I got them both from Target.  In retrospect I would have bought up more of the styles like the black one, although they cost almost double.  The sling portion of the gray styled one tended to peek up over the top of the outer layer of the tank, making for a very awkward neckline if anyone happened to see it.  I don't mind people knowing that I breastfeed, I just don't want my gear to be all sloppy :P 
For the Full-Sling style (gray) I paid: $16.99

I breastfed my son until 1 week before his 1st birthday (I was fortunate enough that he self-weaned and there was absolutely nothing difficult about it). So for almost a year, nursing bras and tanks with carefully chosen tops or (mostly) lazily worn husband t-shirts were my staples.  None of the nursing bras I ever bought were good enough to really wear by themselves. I almost always wore a nursing bra with a nursing tank, which kept my boobs strapped down so tight that I'd have red marks all over me at the end of the day, which I'm sure was not ideal for lactating booby health. During the summer it was not comfortable at all as you can imagine (Texas. Ugh.). I longed for a good nursing bra that I could wear normal cute girl shirts with and leave the tanks at home. The thought made me feel so free... but I never found that bra. Here's to next time (c: 

I would love to hear your tips and recommendations for nursing bras. I have found a tutorial for converting one's normal bra into one, and I might just opt for that at the risk of destroying my favorite bra if it comes to that :D

Nursing moms, did you experience fitting woes when trying to find a good nursing bra? Does anyone have suggestions or advice on nursing bras/bras/bra sizing for Kendra? Has anyone else tried out the bras she mentioned? :)

Related guest post - Nursing Bras: Things to Consider [Guest Post by April]

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Web Searches of July

I find it pretty amusing to see what kinds of searches lead to my blog, so here's sort of a random post to start off the month. Usually things like "bra calculators" or "28H bras" are what generally show up as searches that lead to hits, but there's also the interesting and varied influx of questions that I wish I could just straight-up answer and/or address. I also find it interesting to see what people are wondering about bras and bra fit...

So, here's some examples from over the course of just one week last month:

Questions about sizes and how sizes work:
"is bra size 36B bigger than 34C"
Nope, these are sister sizes. They'll have the same approximate cup volume as each other, but a bit of a different cup shape and a difference of 2" or so in the bands (so, in a sense, yes, a 36B is bigger in that it's bigger in the band than a 34C). If a 34C cup is too small, go up in cup size (to a 34D).

"difference between 30a and 32aa"
These are also sister sizes - same cup volume, different shape and band.

"us 30i bra conversion"
US to UK size conversion chart. A 30I is equal to a 30G in UK sizing. I find it's much easier to stick with UK sizing (even though I live in the US) simply because there are many more options in UK brands - particularly for smaller bands. In fact, I don't know of any US companies that make below-30 bands (and very few even make below-32 bands). [My UK 28H/HH would be something like a 28K/L in US sizing - but I guarantee no US brands make that size]

"which has a smaller band size 34b 36b or 36c"
The number in a bra size is the band size (aka approximate ribcage measurement). A 34 band is smaller than a 36 band.
Also - a 34B and a 36C are sister sizes (same approximate cup volume). A 36C is one cup size up from a 36B. A 36B is one band size up from a 34B, but the cup of a 36B will be bigger than a 34B as well (this is what trips a lot of people up!).

"i measure 30 but bra band feels too small"
Assuming the measurement is referring to the ribcage and the person is wearing a 30 band, either the person would want to go up a band size due to a too-tight band, or the cups of the bra are actually too small, causing the bra to feel too tight overall; in this case, the person would need to go up in cup size.

"Im 30 inches in boob size"
If 30" is the bust measurement, then an underbust measurement is needed to determine the band size (and relative cup size).

"under my bust is 31" what bra size?"
You'll need a bust measurement, too, in order to get a bra size. Someone with a 31" ribcage will usually feel most comfortable in a 32 or 30 band.

"can a too-small bra squish your ribcage"
If your bra is too small, it'll feel uncomfortable and constricting, yes. But more often too-small bras will squish boobage and just feel too tight on the ribcage because of that.

A lot of fitting problems:
"spillage on top of bra"
"the band on my bra is loose"
"bra fitting center gore not flat"
"bra fit problem band pulls away"
"breast spilling out the side of bra"
"why does my underwire keep slipping below my breasts"
"gore sits away from my body"

All of these are pretty common problems - fortunately there are solutions!

Fitting and shopping questions...

"bras without a band"
? (honestly, I'm not sure how these things work... do they make your boobs float?)

"why bra fittings don't work"
It's a sad fact that the majority of places (in the US, at least) don't correctly fit most women for bras. Nordstrom and small boutiques usually are your best bet, or you could save yourself the trouble and just measure yourself at home.

"according to im a 34d but the cups are too..."
[too small? too large? the link cuts off so I can't see D:] Unfortunately, the sizing advice on is going to be off for most women as they add around 3 inches to underbust measurement. With my underbust measurement of approximately 27" they would put me in a 30 band (which is definitely too loose for me), and if I didn't take a tight measurement, I would measure myself at 28" and think I needed a 32 band!
If you're measuring something like 31" underbust and 38" overbust, Heroom would put you in a 34D while your actual size is going to be more along the lines of a 30E (the sister size of a 34D, but you'll be able to get a much better idea of how the cups are fitting if the band is right).

"where to buy 32 band bra"
In the US, Nordstrom carries 32 bands, and several other larger department stores should, too (Dillards, etc). But you may want to look at a list of online stores if you're finding it too difficult to find your correct size.

"the only bras that fit me are too expensive"
Allow me to introduce you to Brastop! :D

"none of my bras fit i'm too small"
You're most probably wearing a band that is too large for you, so the entire bra seems too big. Try measuring yourself!

"does victorias secret tell everyone theyre a d cup"
Ha. No. They do incorrectly size the majority of women, though.

"victorias secret bands are too big"
There is life beyond Vicky's! You're most probably a 28 or 30 band - check out some online stores.

And then, just some random ones...
"katie forced not to wear a bra"
"big stretched boobs" 
"34c boobs video"

...Yeah, definitely going to find what you're looking for here. :P

Other bra bloggers - do you get similar random searches? Or do you tend to get the same type over and over?
What led you to first discover bra blogs (web searches, another website)? I find all this quite interesting :D

If anyone has any bra-related questions like those above - I'd be happy to help answer them!