Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And what if your bra size doesn't exist (yet)?

A quick rant: I may find it hard - nay, at times extremely difficult - to find bras in a 28 band (and a larger cup). I admit it was with some despair that I came to terms with the fact that I needed a 28 instead of a 30 band, effectively cutting down my options to online-only shopping and fewer choices.

However, sometimes even 28-bands are too loose for me. And more and more, I keep hearing about (and seeing) girls who need bands that are smaller than 28s. They need 26 and 24 bands (like Brittney from Thin and Curvy) or even smaller. However, there just aren't really any options for girls like this. Those needing a 26 band can try custom-ordering from Ewa Michalak, a Polish website, but these custom bras can't be returned, so the purchaser must guess at their size and hope their money on the bras and shipping isn't wasted. Many girls who need a sub-28 band don't see going through this somewhat difficult and expensive process as a feasible option. Therefore, they either remain frustrated with 28-band bras that are "close" to fitting right, but cause pain because they're not quite there, or they make do with loosely-fitting and unsupportive larger band sizes (30,32,even 34). How can good bra companies advocate the  "correct" way to fit yourself without offering options for everyone? It doesn't seem quite right.

I keep hearing rumors that Panache might be coming out with a 26 band bra, and I'm really hoping that they follow up on this (and that it covers a wide range of cup sizes!). How amazing would it be to have a bra available in your size, for the first time, to purchase directly from the main big-bra websites without having to custom order??

Bra companies, don't leave us out. Don't restrict us to one or two bras. Give us options! Give all of us the opportunity to wear the size we need!


  1. Ewa Michalak will also do 24 bands as special order, same as she does the 26 bands.

  2. Maria, you're right; I noted this in a past post, but forgot to mention it here.

  3. I spent years alternating between made-to measure and ill-fitting bras, before manufacturers started producing K cup bras. When your size doesn't exist, these and altering bras are your only options.

  4. Tongueincheck - I know that K+ cups and under 30 bands are a fairly recent thing, and really only came about because women persuaded/encouraged/demanded that bra companies include their sizes, and the companies listened. Hopefully the size ranges will continue to grow as more and more women let bra companies know there is a need for sizes that don't yet exist or are very hard to find!

    1. I'm Currently having a similar issue. I normally wear a 36K but I while watching fit videos last year I noticed extra fabric in the bottom of the cup. I thought it was normal. Also the under wires don't lay flat against my sternum. I recently tried a 32L and the band is a bit tight lol. The the excess fabric in the bottom of the cups is gone and but the wires still don't lay flat. I'm not sure if volume is to small or if it's the shape of my breasts.

    2. Hm, that sounds difficult. Are you using US or UK sizing? The only store I know of offhand that sells UK L-cups is Bravissimo - is that where you got the 32L?
      They say that if you can get the bra hooked (on the loosest hook) and it isn't painfully cutting in, then the band probably isn't too big. If the wire doesn't sit flat against the sternum, that usually indicates a too-small cup (and sometimes a too-big band).

    3. I use UK sizing. The 32L is the Alana(i think)from Bravissimo and I found out while I was taking pics for the Lobby Biusciastych, that the bra didn't fit as well as I had thought. there are still a some excess fabric in the bottom. So I'm not sure what to try next. measurements are a 52 bust and 37 under the bust.

    4. Hm, with a 37 underbust measurement, I would think you might be closer to a 36 or 34 band size... it could be that the cups aren't the right shape/size on the 32L and are thus stretching to make up for the fact that the band is somewhat tight.
      What you may want to do is talk to the Bravissimo staff directly about this issue - they are usually very helpful. You can email them (the address is on the site) and include a picture of the bra and how it isn't fitting as you think it should. They may be able to give you some tips, as well as suggest what size to try! I wonder if you may need to buy a bra with a too-big band to get cups that will fit (say, a 38K, which will have bigger cups than a 36K) and then get the band altered down.
      Good luck!

    5. Thank I have tried the 38K in Panache and Freya and I have the same issue and less support I even bought a 38JJ because Intimacy was out of 36K's at the time. The bra broke after a few days a wear. The Underwire poke out on one cup. I got it fixed and the same thing happened on the other side. I'm starting to think it might need custom.

      Thanks for your help though.

    6. Have you heard of Ewa Michalak (http://www.ewa-michalak.pl/)? I hear great reviews of her bras, and she can do custom orders if you email her your measurements and concerns(she's apparently very helpful). Also, their sizing is slightly different than normal brands like Freya/Panache/etc. I see 32/34LL listed in the sizes, so you could ask if those are ever regularly available, or only by custom...
      (click on the English flag at the top of the page for an English version of the site).
      Maybe something to look into?

    7. (If you do decide to check out EM, take a look at the sizing chart here:http://www.ewa-michalak.pl/Size-Calculator-chelp-eng-10.html
      and measuring instructions. From what I've heard, it's best to take the underbust measurement about as tight as you possibly can, i.e. pulling the tape so that it leaves marks, to get an accurate EW size estimate).